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    FS - RS3 front LCAs - fits all MQB cars 2015-2021 (Golf, GTI, R, Jetta, Beetle)

    Sorry to highjack your FS thread but I have the BFI arms and agree with your assessment. Really changes the feel for the positive. The BFI arms came with ball joints per the pic you posted, but I also get the feeling the ones they included are pretty cheap. Can't find any specs for them on...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    If you don't find one, this works:
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    MQB_7.5R Build Thread

    Can I ask if you installed the 034 control arms and what you think? Any install issues? I ordered the same set and have been putting off the install on jack stands...
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    MK7 Golf S TSI Wheels and Tires Upgrade

    "235/40 if you're doing 18x8.5." Will 235/40 also work with stock suspension: 18x8, +45mm?
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    Oil on dogbone mount

    Thanks, I took your advice and did just that. I don't see any obvious damage but I put some cardboard down after I noticed it and there's a spot with drips on it. I'll be calling a shop this week.
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    Oil on dogbone mount

    This morning I noticed that I have oil on my Pendulum/dogbone mount (2018 GTI 6MT w/ 26,000 miles). I bottomed out fairly hard 2 days ago, but have no idea how long it's looked like this or if that was the cause. Any suggestions on what the cause could be and next steps to resolve?
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Thanks for the info and the picture. I thought it was a long shot. Looks like the bumper is coming off...
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Anyone know the best way to remove/replace the fog light trim on a MK7.5? Can it be done from the outside with trim tools?
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    How to retro-fit the rear subframe harmonic damper from the Audi A3 Saloon (2013->)

    I just ordered one of these - excited to try it out based on this thread. Any thoughts on if it should be torqued down with a load on the suspension (ramps) or without (jackstands)? Or does it not matter either way?
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    Thoughts on wear on these Brake Pads?

    Thanks - I'll take a better look at the inner pads.
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    Thoughts on wear on these Brake Pads?

    I don't have any experience evaluating these. From what I read, they seem to have plenty of life to them? Any thoughts? Bonus pic of a front rotor as well. I really don't know what I'm looking for with the rotors. Car is 2018 MT6 Autobahn with PP brakes, ~24,000 miles. I bought it at 14,000...
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    You do want phone be BT paired to the AAwireless unit. Try unpairing phone BT from head unit/car - I think it get confused when starting the car otherwise. Not sure if true, just my experience. I don't remember the wifi details but I think it walks you thought what permissions to enable during...
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Thanks - Your right, I don't think I'll get very far with a screwdriver. I'll start with the putty knife and use anti seize when replacing. FYI - This is what the retaining clip looks like in relation to the ring.
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    I recently rotated my tires and found that one of the centering rings for a wheel is now stuck to the wheel bearing. Stuck pretty good. Also, the retaining clip for the ring fell out when I took the wheel of. Haven't tried too hard to get it off, but I have read to start with pick/screwdriver...