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    Tell us what problems you had with your MK7

    2016 Autobahn DSG 87K Every once in a while front windows stop going up/down auto and have to hold the button down. (Switches from driver to passenger, not one in particular) Sunroof glass surround peeling. Sunroof open button gremlin where it keeps opening and closing and opening again...
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    Fuelfest Millville NJ?

    I posted in the NJ forum but was wondering if anyone is going this Saturday? Planning on making the 3 hour drive from NNJ but wouldn't mind seeing a few other VWs on the way down
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    Anyone going to FuelFest?

    Just wondering if anyone is going this Saturday?
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    Sunroof Leak lawsuit

    So if you actually drive the car you're screwed? Mine's a '16 and just hit 87k so I get nothing? Wish I could just seal the shit out of it forever and not deal
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    Recommendations for Dealer Service?

    Have never been but I've had other VW owners I've spoken with to go to Crestont up 23 in Pompton Plains. It not my closest dealer so I've never been but you never know
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    Modified R needs NJ inspection

    Got mine done last week in Newton (NJ). They drove it through and hen backed up. 3 dudes looking at the monitor and then they pulled it forward, popped the hood up and stood there with a flashlight looking at the guts. "Appaently" he said he couldn't see my cat. I guess when you're used to...
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    Mk7.5 gti *PARTOUT*

    Where in Union County? Interested in the cross brace
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    CTS vs IE intake

    So you're saying my turbo muffler delete didn't give me a 100db noise increase, razor sharp throttle response and an additional 46 HP? 🤣
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    CTS vs IE intake

    I know it's said "cost isn't a concern" but dropping $300 vs $600 could be a big difference to some people
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    CTS vs IE intake

    ReggieKm01, this thread seemed to get a little off the rails so I would say just go with your instinct. I watched a couple of old YouTube videos of the CTS intake and I likes it. I waited a bit for a sale and spent what I could afford. You're most likely in the same boat as me. Money might...
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    CTS vs IE intake

    I have the CTS (everyone seems to hate on them) but I love it. I have the Autobahn and just removed the inner hood liner. It was loud before but now it sounds like it's sucking every ounce of air in the vicinity
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    Where did my post go?

    Where did all my posts about cheap flights go?
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    Modified R needs NJ inspection

    RM, you up in cow country too?
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    Modified R needs NJ inspection

    Mine is up in July but I'm APR stage 2, turbo back CTS with high-low cat and last time they just plugged me in, took a mirror to look and see if I had a cat , gave me a sticker and I left. I also go to Newton. Just sucks having to mount my plate, even if it is just for a few minutes 😕
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Swcrow, I was looking lazerlamps but they are beyond expensive and they don't make kits for any VWs. They have pod kits for Fiestas, Skoda and Citroën. I've been looking all over from rallying ation, Lazerlamps, everywhere. These particular lights are used on dirt fish cars. I know I'm not...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Because this is the closest I'll ever get to making a rally car.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    This might not be everyone's taste but I've finally got around to installing my Diode Dynamics motorsport lighting. Need to wait until tonight to dial in the beam location. Waiting to see if their 5" pods ever go on sale and add a fee more to the front
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    30mm spacer questions

    Damn Jake, didn't mean to piss in your coffee. I understand you guys are trying to be informative and helpful to the situation and are giving your opinions and experiences to another person with a question, but damn! Thank you for all the input.
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    30mm spacer questions

    And this is how much room I have at full lock. So I was just wondering if I notched out say like a 2" wide by 8" tall piece from the inner fender wall if this would possibly work. I have no intentions of rolling the fenders or cutting them.