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    Looking to upgrade my stock sound system.

    Hey guys I’m working on doing a complete overhaul on my sound system. The goal was under $500 all in (I got the sub for free). Current plan is use a harness extension to run high power signal to my dsp/loc. I have it mostly mocked up (pwr dist, comes tomorrow). I would love to use my stock...
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    stock 6mt clutch

    Thank you everyone for the help, with all of the daily commuting and traffic I know I will have to deal with and inevitably be stuck in stop and go traffic, was pretty sure I was gonna get a base tune and suffer the consequences later on down the line. I have driven a manual on several occasions...
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    stock 6mt clutch

    Sorry if this is an an obvious question but I've seen that the stock clutch in the 6mt can't withstand added power well. I'm looking at the JB4 or cobb tuner and keeping it stock for now and potentially going fbo with a more aggressive tune in the future in which case I will upgrade the clutch...