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    Cobb V3 DSG + ECU AP Mk7/Mk7.5 (EQT DSG 2.03, EQT 91/93 2.52, MAP 91/93, Stratified 91/93) 800 OBO

    From Messaged Questions. Note the price is based not on including the tunes, but the average AP price on Facebook marketplace + a DSG upgrade (most AP's aren't sold with the 400 dollar DSG upgrade). The tunes are just a bonus with the hope they'll work for your car. Price is negotiable. Will...
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    Cobb V3 DSG + ECU AP Mk7/Mk7.5 (EQT DSG 2.03, EQT 91/93 2.52, MAP 91/93, Stratified 91/93) 800 OBO

    Hey all, Selling my AP. 600 OBO This is a Cobb AP V3. It is a DSG and ECU AP. It is unmarried. This includes (please see photos) 1) Cobb V3 Access Port 2) The Cobb Case 3) Cobb to OBD Cable 4) Cobb to USB Cable 5) Vent AP Mount 6) Various purchased tunes* This also includes the following...
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    Looking for the location of the stock catalytic converter

    pre-emptively cut your own cat off and replace with a resonator?
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    Used GTI injectors

    Thanks! I've been chasing my cylinder 2 misfire for months and its basically come down to carbon buildup or injectors, so was just going to do both at the same time. Been curious how others have been doing with those misfires.
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    Used GTI injectors

    Hey Anthony, Don't mean to hijack your thread, but did replacing your injectors resolve your cylinder 2 misfire issue? -G
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    8” NAV touch screen with piano black trim

    Just an FYI, Sale with VPStylee went great. Excellent shipping, tracking, packaging, product worked flawlessly.
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    Upper timing chain cover leak. Powertrain warranty?

    If you can see it, wipe off the seep, and just check back next oil change.
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    Coolant Leak near Turbo on a friend's GTI?

    This part link should be stickied.
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    EPC Light after service, including plugs and coil packs

    question: Are you using a borrowed OBD II reader, or are you using an OBDeleven? You should have some sort of pending code if not an active code.
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    EPC Light after service, including plugs and coil packs

    Once you can read the codes, you can see which cylinder is causing the issue. It's probably cylinder 2 though. Things to try after moving the coil and verifying its fine, and verifying the plugs are fine. (checking gap per tuner recommendation). Run a can of seafoam through the tank. If...
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    Garrett Pmax Stage1 Turbo Deep Dive

    So basically another IS38+ option, with increased reliability and a bit more power.
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    EPC Light after service, including plugs and coil packs

    33k miles total on a 2015, or the last 33k miles problem free? With the investment you just put into the coils, I'd pick up an obdeleven tool so you can read codes and figure out issues on your own. Given that the coils were just replaced, its probably a misfire, which you would first swap...
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    No Haldex on the MK8? The system in the Golf R works like this. Torque flows through the gearbox and into an open differential on the front axle. From that sprouts an output shaft that runs to the rear axle. Previously on the...
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    Hesitation/cutout while in boost

    "Carbon cleaning service was done at 70k" Who did the carbon cleaning? Was it a 3rd party or a dealership? What type of cleaning was done? Most dealerships just do a chemical cleaning which can be a little half assed depending on what they consider "chemical cleaning". You probably need to...
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    Mishimoto's MK7 Golf TSI/GTI/R Performance Intake R&D

    Was the intake results with your inlet installed as well? Any particular reason you didn't design an inlet to flow with your intake? Or include it as part of an upgrade package with the intake?
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    Hesitation/misfires with steady, light throttle

    EQT recommendation for me when I was having misfires. Dump an entire bottle of seafoam into the gas tank. Run it through. If its a borderline injector it could clean up whatever gunk is causing it to not perform.
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    Thanks for the link!
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    Mk8 turbo info?

    DAP did an article on part numbers. Whole heap of major changes in the golf R (enginewise), not so much the GTI