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    Forge Twintercooler Pricing

    Hey everyone, I wanted to post this here to first of all verify this would be the correct fit for our vehicles and also the price on the item. I’ve been looking to add a FMIC to my already upgraded stock location intercooler due to creeping IAT’s during the muggy summer days. I didn’t want to...
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    Engine maintenance before turbo and fueling

    Long story, short, I own a 2018 VW GTI SE DSG since new, have put on a wonderful 101,000 miles. Have always done the required maintenance before time frames, such as DSG fluid, oil, recently had water pump replaced with a carbon cleaning on the valves. Car has an OEM IS38 on EQT custom tune with...
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    Is20 - - > is38 upgrade question

    I’d be doing a WOT pull and the upper half of the RPM range I’d get a fuel cutoff where you’d see the throttle stutter. Oh and at times an EPC code for low fuel rail pressure. Got the upgraded pump and have loads of overhead now. Did I want to spend the money, no, but I realize you have to pay...
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    Is20 - - > is38 upgrade question

    Wanted to chime in here as I’ve gone the Stage 1 > Stage 2 > IS38 route, oh and also fellow New Englander. As I’m understanding now, you are stage 2 yet haven’t upgraded the intercooler. If so, I know DO88 is great but you should really shop around for the various seasonal sales the online...
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    HPFP issues?

    Well, when you buy something from a company, perhaps, an intake, and it starts rusting within the same calendar year, for instance, and their response is put some black nail polish on it, well fuck you too. Yeah, that’s IE for you. Oh and this is giving them a second chance as I had the first...
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    HPFP issues?

    Not trying to be a jerk or down this thread, but your first mistake was IE. I have nothing but poor things to say about them, from actual products to customer service. Straight trash. Would probably take CTS over their garbage. Stick with a longtime reputable company/manufacturer. Any reason for...
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    Boys, what do you think about the new M2

    So based on what you said, you threw out the idea of a Golf R, and I'd assume DSG since you're wanting an auto M2. Golf R, AWD, why don't you save a few bucks and go m240i xdrive? No track days so that's not a problem. B58 has tons of potential. Plus, the G42 isn't as "polarizing" as the new M2...
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    Is Unitronic Stage 1 / 1+ right for me?

    I’ll add my experience too. Went full bolt-on stage 2 ECU/TCU on Unitronic, it just felt flat, this was for at least 60,000 miles with EQT Stage 2 thrown in there. Only went back to Unitronic, because like others said, I was thinking about selling the car so I sold the Accessport and you can’t...
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    12 year corrosion warranty

    I wanted to add to this thread of my findings as well where the rear quarter panel meets the rear bumper. Because the car is white, I noticed immediately upon washing a few weeks ago. Bought new in July 2018, 81,000 miles, always hand washed, decon, polish, wax, sealant. Not too happy about it...
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    2018 GTI headlights LEDs unit.

    Good thread about the lights. My driver’s side was hit at a particular place that caused the inner lens to crack. Nothing on the outside. It looks trashy but light output isn’t affected. Can’t stomach the ridiculous price for a new unit, because at this point, I’d just replace both, but at...
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    Unitronic IS38 Tune - not what I expected

    Wanted to reply as I recent through a similar upgrade. All the bolt on pieces and Unitronic Stage 2 software. Knew it was rather “weak” because I had EQT during the period as well. Threw a code for the wastegate and said screw it and got the OEM IS38 from FCP. Got EQT’s OTS IS38 tune for the...
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    Canadian Owners - Wastegate Actuator failures

    Although not a Canadian, but from New England, this post is rather bittersweet. Car just passed the 72,000 mile warranty on a 2018 GTI, got the P00AF EPC. Not wanting to deal with just a new actuator, decided upon IS38, which is neat. Was contemplating on selling, but the car is otherwise in...
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    PCV breather hose screw

    Simple request, need a new screw that holds the PCV breather hose to the actual oil separator. Getting a new oil separator and the old screw tore apart the old separator since the housing is plastic. Had to jimmy it in there in the meanwhile, so I need a new screw. Thanks again! My apologies...
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    034 Motorsports TIP and Hose

    This setup is one of the higher performing as far as airflow goes if using a stock modified box. Good deal here, won’t be dissatisfied.
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    Boston Drivers

    Got you beat my man. 2 bent factory wheels and 2 bent Neuspeed wheels. Not necessarily in the city, but in and around nonetheless. Rumpro did and excellent job BTW.
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    BMS VW GTI JB4 info thread

    Wanted to bounce this off you guys but I’ve been looking at getting a JB4 to tinker with on top of Unitronic OTS stage 2 software. I’m stuck with them and don’t want to trash it so I was wondering theoretically if I could get anything on top of it safely? Have all supporting modifications, fresh...
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    APR DTR6054 Direct Turbocharger Replacement System

    Is it really even a battle when the Vortex is a superior product? Nothing against APR, make some decent items, but to me it’s the safe route for people who go to a shop and just order the whole catalog. Hey, pay to play I guess, but the Vortex + custom tune is a knockout, albeit higher price...
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    MK7 GTI EQT stage 2 tune ..... need to pass NY inspection

    I’ve seen the whole thread on removing the O2 sensor, but never got why. Everyone else’s “stage 2” mentions nothing about it. Once the downpipe was installed with spacer, nothing has been touched since. Sounds like a lousy system to have to remove something just to run the software, one of the...
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    MK7 GTI EQT stage 2 tune ..... need to pass NY inspection

    Yeah, umm, you don’t need to do all that. Had EQT stage 2 car for two inspections, all the aftermarket bolt on’s, my wife brought it in twice, passed. I’m in MA by the way, so you don’t need to really do anything.
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    Why all the hate for the Unitronic/AWE combo? Been running said pieces for over two years and it’s great. Highway drone? Maybe in 6th gear with throttle up an incline, but otherwise, it’s not bad at all. Sucked the first week or so, but now, wouldn’t care for anything else.