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    WTB: Drivers Lower Front Valance

    I'm looking for part number 5GM-805-903--9B9 the drivers lower front valance. I know I can buy one new, but $100 for a little plastic piece is crazy. Mine was ripped off bay a parking curb. :( If you have one let me know!
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    EPC Light

    Driving home on the highway my EPC light came on and I lost power. I pulled over shut it down restarted and the light was off. DSG was shifting slow until after it was shut off for about 10 minutes. I have a neuspeed power module and 33k on the odometer. Any thoughts should I take it in? I...
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    Auto Windows

    The automatic up/down feature on the drivers side window randomly stops working and I have to reset it. Huge pain in the rear! The dealer has replaced the switch but it keeps doing it. Any ideas on the problem?
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    Oil vapor smell in cabin

    My MK7 has just over 27k and since I got it (had 22K on it) I have an oil vapor smell. The smell occurs when I get back in the car after a 30-45 minute drive and it comes through the vents. Any ideas on what it could be?