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    Feeler - Boxster S brake kit - 800 shipped

    Grettings - putting out a feeler on my Porsche Boxster S Brembo brake kit from my TDI. I ran this setup for about 4 months until I sold my mk7. This kit includes: 2x Boxster S Brembo callipers powdercoated Ferrari yellow 2x Zimmerman rotors from a 2007 A4 2.0T Quattro Apikol Boxster S brake...
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    FS: Mk7 ECS Flush Mount Spacer Kit - $150 shipped

    Selling my ECS flush mount spacer kit. Took this off my Golf TDI before I sold it one day before Dieselgate! Used for about 6 months - performed flawlessly. $150 shipped to continental US. $120 picked up in Houston, TX. Includes: 2x 20mm spacers 2x 15mm spacers 20 extended lug bolts
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    Welcome diesel-centric people!

    Wow. Very surprised to see this here but pleased! I know this is the GTD subforum, but this is a great opportunity for all Diesel enthusiasts. I'm looking forward to seeing this area develop.
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    TDI Fuel Filter Change

    Just changed the fuel filter on my 2015 TDI with the new ea288 150hp engine. I purchased the fuel filter from VW - it ran about $50. Tools needed: Torx screwdrivers - only one can't remember size Some wire, string, or a bungee cord A towel VCDS (Maybe, unsure but I did try to use it) 1 -...
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    Replacement key

    So I lost one of my keys yesterday at six flags - can't believe it as I've never lost one before. Of course I was 3.5 hours from home and had an amazing friend drive the other key out to me! I'm wondering what my options are. How much will a new key run at the dealer? I have the key...
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    Interior color

    I have a U.S. TDI SE with the beige interior. I'm wondering if the ROW Shetland beige is the same color. Perhaps if someone can pull a part number off a seat or beige interior piece of their choice on a Shetland, I can pull the corresponding U.S. part number to compare. I'm interested in...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    So here's the brake calipers and a shot of the wheels on my car - which now looks like most of the stock cars with VWR springs haha. The "imperfections" in the powder coating near the top happened during the test fit - luckily you can't really see it once the pad pins are in. The last shot it...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Put my new Austins and tires that I bought off a forum member. I know, I know, but I have a TDI so it makes a pretty big difference. And received my Porsche Boxster S calipers back from powdercoating - now Ferrari yellow.
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    Awesome TDI Mileage

    Drove from downtown Houston to the suburbs today about 2PM and managed to get 73.1mpg over 26 miles of mixed city and highway driving. I headed back at 5PM (rush hour traffic with frequent sub-15mph bouts) and managed to do even better at 73.7mpg. I'm loving this car, and i'm glad I got the...
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    FS: VagCom Micro-Can USB cable

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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    I'm doing the same thing today :(. Should be picking her up after getting a new xenon headlight. Couple of donuts in the rain, headlight (only one) starts to cry from the inside, and then it's led u/ring/halo went out. At least they gave me a loner - I'm pretty impressed with the 1.8t.
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    LED drl bs

    So, following some fun donuts this past weekend after TX2k15 was rained out, one of my LED drls went out. It gave me a bulb out warning. So I went to the parts desk of a local Vw dealer to see if I could get a replacement bulb. Turns out, the bulb or whatever they use to light up the drl isn't...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Tinted 35% all around, led trunk bulb, ECS flush mount spacer kit, and the fender screw mod.
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    What color to powder coat Porsche brakes for my black golf?

    I've had the good fortune to receive Porsche Boxtser S/ 911 front calipers for free. They function properly, but have been sitting on a Boxster in a salvage yard in south Texas and need to be powder coated. What color should I do to go on my black TDI. Brembo red, Ferrari yellow, black...
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    Egolf parking brake

    Has any else noticed that the U.S. eGolf comes with the electronic parking brake and the euro console? I haven't been able to find pictures of the cup holder, but I assume it's the euro one as well. Just food for thought since several have asked about the parking brake. The parts should be...
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    Diesel smell in cabin - ea288 2.0

    This is in regards to the new ea288 2.0TDI 150hp engine found in all 2015 my US Volkswagens. I'm not aware that this engine is in use anywhere else worldwide at the moment. Was riding as a passenger in my car for the first time and the driver revved it up to around 4.5k in first (idk why - not...
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    Interior Color

    I'm curious about the interchangibility of interior parts - specifically beige vs dark interior colored dashes and the possibility that US "Beige" is not the same as the European "Shetland Beige". Does anyone in the US have access to both interior colors side by side or the ability to look up...
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    Racingline Mk7 TDI (rear beam) springs @ ECS

    Chatted with ECS today and verified that they can in fact get the spring for a US TDI despite not having them anywhere on their site. The springs are now available online, but must be specifically searched for by pn; they're not yet associated with the Mk7 TDI. Mfg PN is VWR31G7BA - for mk7 w/...