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    Plaid Corbeau seats

    How those seat hold up after a year? That looks good. Also are they comfortable for non stop 3 hrs driving?
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    WTB golf R seats near Florida or Georgia

    Up, still looking for it
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    Thanks for everything!

    It is tough to find a car under $30k doing good all-around jobs!
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    2.0t HPFP swap on 1.8t

    Maestro does NOT work with GTI HPFL. Ask me how I know! Finally, I pulled the trigger and purchased Reflect Tunning for my IS38 with GTI HPFP.
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    Golf R front and rear seats

    Can you have a quote shipping to 32606? If shipping cost isn't too much, I might buy them
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    WTB golf R seats near Florida or Georgia

    As tile says, looking to buy golf R seats in FL, GA, or other locations nearby
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    Golf R front and rear seats

    wish you were in FL. I guess shipping these seats will cost a lot of money. Good luck with sale
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    Porsche Boxster Calipers (NQSBBK) *SOLD*

    usually the powder-coated cost around ~$200, not sure how much for sandblasting
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    Corbeau RRX Plaid Seats

    is the seat safe during the crash? LOL
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    how the EQT Coilover doing for you?
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    PowerZone: Rear WaveTrac install into Differential *In Progress*

    this thread needs more attention than "Hey guys, what oil I need for my car?"
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    MK7R Part Out **Lots of Performance and Cosmetics**

    BFI engine & trans mounts for DSG or Manual? And how many miles?
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    Wilwood BBK Spongy Pedal Help

    I bled Rear Passenger, Rear driver, Front passenger outside then inside, Front driver outside then inside. For VCDS brake mods: Hydraulic Brake Assistant Hydraulic Brake Booster Brake Booster The old way to bleed ABS pump is: you go to dirt road or while in rain, you try to brake hard which...
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    Wilwood BBK Spongy Pedal Help

    I have Wilwood BBK on my Alltrack. In my opinion, you definitely need to re-bleed the brake system again, then do the VCDS brake mods (google for this). If this still happens, you may need to bleed the ABS pump. Normally you don't have to bleed the ABS, but if someone works on the brake and...
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    CHEAP: BFI DIY Transmission Mount

    How do you put the mount back together after drill out the rivets?
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    Fueling upgrade: APR IS20 downpipe - Autotech HPFP?

    If you need a stock GTI fuel pump with its vacuum pump, please pm me, I have one for sale now. You will need a tune for it (Reflect tunning)
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    SOLD: 986 Boxster Calipers and Apikol Mounting Brackets (NQSBBK)

    Are the brake pistons made out of metal? I bought one setup on this forum and the brake pistons made out of hard plastic 🙄
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    Porsche boxster 4 piston brakes (NQSBBK) fitted on MK7 GTi.

    Did anyone try to fit it with Konig Hypergram 18x8.5 ET43?
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    17 MK7 GTI Sport DSG Black 11k miles

    Not in the market for a car, but I like the way you posted. Very short but concise, straight to the point. Good luck with the sale!