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    Full custom Mk7 Golf Audio System Gladen & Mosconi

    I’m looking at selling a full custom sound system for a Mk7 Golf, from some of my earlier posts, many will be aware of the time I spent researching the elements of this system. So why did I buy it and then not fit the system? Simply a change of circumstances, the Mk7 R was going to be my every...
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    Product help - Grey Tyre Valve stems

    Hi I've got the 19" Pretoria wheels on my R, what I'm after is a set of "valve stem covers" and "valve caps" in a titanium or a grey colour to cover the horrible black plastic ones I've done a fair bit of google, amazon & ebay searches and can find nowt - only silver or some weird colour. I...
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    My R

    Apologies to those are waiting in anticipation of their new car - this thread won't help much...... Car arrived mid week and so far, very happy. Power is linear, build quality is spot on and delighted with the experience so far. Had a bit of time today to get some protection on the paintwork...