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  1. burso

    Is your fuel flap locked when the car is locked?

    A silly question, (and maybe answered but couldn't find the post) but today after I have locked my car I've noticed my flap can be opened. I'm under the impression it used to lock in when the car was locked, or am I wrong? How's yours? ta
  2. burso

    When parking....

    Nose first when shopping to maintain access to the boot as there is no other way :D Always reverse when parking at work and at home. Perhaps you could add a poll to this thread to make it clearer to see the numbers.
  3. burso

    What car did you pass your driving test in?

    Skoda Felicia :D back in 2001
  4. burso


    have some of these posts been deleted or is Running man having a funny moment? :eek:
  5. burso

    What Brand TV do you have?

    2x Panasonic (32" and 37")
  6. burso

    What brand jeans do you wear?

    Levi's for the last 5 years
  7. burso

    Walking Dead

    I have only acquired the previous seasons recently and watching back to back a few episodes a day. Totally love it. I'm sure I have seen articles about season 6, so keeping my fingers crossed. I don't want season 5 to be the last one.
  8. burso

    Lets help this guy out!!!!

    Should have bought a GOLF!!!
  9. burso

    Window scraper seals treatment

    My window scraper seals have faded and lost the original black colour. What do you guys use to keep them black?! I understand this is probably wear and tear but I don't like the looks of it...:mad: Rob, is there something in the G Techniq range to restore and preserve the rubber colour?
  10. burso

    Forum Search

    That is the way I search and it always works.
  11. burso

    Boot light

    Does this turn ON automatically when the boot is open? Mine does not do so. I have read the manual and it looks like this should be automatic, no mention of a switch?!
  12. burso

    Leaking door seals

    We had a heavy rainstorm tomorrow and this is what the rear right door and inside frame looks like less than 24 hours after the rain. It is really bad only around this one door (although I have noticed tiny leaks around the other three. Has anyone experienced this issue and if yes is it easy to...
  13. burso

    EPC error in instrument cluster

    I've just noticed the EPC yellow light icon goes off (together with the engine icon,which I know is not a problem) when I turn the key into position 1. When I fully turn the key into position 2 and start the engine both icons disappear. Can you please confirm this is not a fault? I just seen...
  14. burso

    Pure white SE

    My car has finally arrived. I have done the first 100 miles and I'am loving the ACC (I love the car but this was my highlight of the day). I have barely touched the gas or brake pedal after I set it up. See some pictures below, the exhaust trims are next :D
  15. burso

    MK7 Media-in cable

    Is there a default media cable that comes with the new car or will I have to buy one from the dealer? I have read other threads and got the understanding that the Iphone media cable comes as standard (I might be wrong) and for some lucky members the dealer swapped the Iphone one for a Mini USB...
  16. burso

    VW Genuine Luxury Carpet mats

    Part number 5G2 061 270 WGK Has anyone got these and would be so kind to upload a picture? I am particularly interested to see whether there is GOLF embroidered on the side as I couldn't tell from the official catalogue picture. Thanks