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  1. SkullV

    Did you file your taxes already?

    Just did my state taxes, ended up having to pay Illinois a bunch of money. The payroll service that my office uses apparently messed up all of our state taxes and didn't withhold anything. It was all direct deposit so I never knew. Oh well, still getting a bunch back, but much less than I was...
  2. SkullV

    YouTube to MP3

    Blankwavercade speaks the truth. It's unfortunate that there are people like the OP who will tell others something is 100% legal when in reality they have no idea what they are talking about.
  3. SkullV

    What happened to Golfmk6 mkv mk7???

    I hope he does. Wouldn't be the first time VW lost a nominative use trademark infringement case (See: Volkswagenwerk Aktiengesellschaft v. Church). VW may be going uphill in sales but they are going downhill in customer service and customer satisfaction. Their BS as a corporation is one of...
  4. SkullV

    YouTube to MP3

    The word is described, and that is not fair use. Ever notice that at the beginning on an NFL game they say you can't record it without their written consent? Same concept here. No one is going to catch you, no one is going to care. It is not however fair use, or legal to download especially...
  5. SkullV

    YouTube to MP3

    No. It's not. Copying someone's intellectual property without their consent is not legal. The program may be legal, but the act is not. In the case of this program they are committing the illegal act of piracy and you are downloaded the pirated file from their servers.
  6. SkullV

    YouTube to MP3

  7. SkullV

    Forum slow in the last couple of days?!

    I'd pay a small fee to buy better servers/storage/whatever else is needed and I don't even have a VW anymore. Just enjoy the community here and the forum for my car is SLOW.. I'd pay double if they banned Plac too :)
  8. SkullV

    Considering Second Car...

    Get a 3L SVT Contour. But I'm biased lol.
  9. SkullV

    Just bought a Contour +2

  10. SkullV

    Need your help URGENTLY, Transporting a car from Virginia

    Call/Text Jody at KRM Auto Transport. Jody Moeggenberg Direct 989-370-9482 Fax 989-419-6000 Tell him Ted with the Ford Contour from Florida sent you.
  11. SkullV

    Need your help URGENTLY, Transporting a car from Virginia

    How'd this all work out for you?
  12. SkullV

    Audi S3 Sportback Unveiled.

    Want 2 door.
  13. SkullV

    PayPal scams?

    I would tell the guy he may inspect the exhaust all he wants but all sales are final. I would also put that in writing. I understand the need for protection in a cross country transaction, but a local guy not so much.
  14. SkullV

    Need your help URGENTLY, Transporting a car from Virginia

    Nope, but you did say money wasn't an issue. The more you're willing to pay the more likely you'll find a carrier that can meet your timeframe.
  15. SkullV

    Need your help URGENTLY, Transporting a car from Virginia

    on Uship do a "auction style" bid. Set your shipping date as Monday (no one will go on Sunday and it's probably too late for tomorrow) and the companies that can actually do your job will contact you.
  16. SkullV

    Need your help URGENTLY, Transporting a car from Virginia

    I've got a car coming out of Florida next week. KRM Auto transport (they have gotten multiple next day carrier options for me). They were $100 less then any of their competitors. PM me if you would like their info. If you want to get it done ASAP, go to pick a shipping company...
  17. SkullV

    Happy Birthday Bowers!

    Happy Birthday Andrew@DriveSPM! Just kidding, but seriously, Happy Birthday!
  18. SkullV

    Fun/Dirty Drinking Games?

    Cards against humanity as a drinking game is always fun.
  19. SkullV

    Best possible dd?

    Bentley Continental GT Speed
  20. SkullV

    Chinese Manufactured Parts

    So care to fill us in on the real story now that they are gone?