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  1. Clause

    Socal FS/ FT/ WTB Thread

    I have a stock turbo back exhaust for a 7.5 golf R for sale. Located in San Diego
  2. Clause

    WTB: MK7 Golf R Downpipe

    If you end up south, I have one coming off the car this weekend in San Diego
  3. Clause

    Garages of picture thread

    This thread really makes me want to move to where I can have a good garage lol
  4. Clause

    mk7.5 R part-out (cobb, IE, MIB 2.5, led tails, BFI)

    Which version of the cai is it?
  5. Clause

    SOLD: Part Out

    How long were the Coilovers on the car?
  6. Clause

    Socal FS/ FT/ WTB Thread

    Selling stock golf r intake for 60. Would trade +money for a ie v2 intake. Also looking for a ARM intercooler
  7. Clause

    Clause’s Golf R

    Update: Was on the fence on if I wanted to start with handling or power first. Ended up going EQT stage 1 91 with their dsg tune. Initial impressions for the ecu tune is of course how it should be from stock. It’s quick, but honestly does not scratch the itch quite yet. The TCU tune is really...
  8. Clause

    Socal FS/ FT/ WTB Thread

    WTT 19” gloss black Pretoria’s for 18” konig hypergrams +some cash
  9. Clause

    Clause’s Golf R

    Proud new (to me) owner of a 2019 Golf R. Car was bought bone stock at 33k miles 2 days ago. Unfortunately did not get an off the lot picture, but after a afternoon of detailing and some fresh window tint, pictures were taken. Man I’m in love with this color. More to come as the orders come in.
  10. Clause

    VCDS in San Diego

    Is there anyone in San Diego area with VCDS that can code a couple things for me? Just picked up a shiny new (to me) mk7.5 R. Sold my gti awhile back and got a truck. Got tired of the slow life and I'm back home. Just not trying to pay shop prices. Thank you in advanced!
  11. Clause

    93 Octane in So-Cal now?

    So i went to my local gas station in ocean beach, and all of the sudden they have 93 octane. Thought this was illegal???... Naturally filled the tank with the "93" ;) is this correct or did i hit the gas station lottery.
  12. Clause

    Feeler: stock austins for local pick up. So Cal 350

    Good condition Austins with minor wear and a tiny bit of rash on 2 of the wheels. Not really too noticeable. They need new tires. They come oem vw hub caps. I need these gone and I'm not willing to ship these heavy wheels. Side note is I also have flush kit for sale for 75$ with lugs. Pm me for...
  13. Clause

    Anyone in San Diego with vagcom?

    Looking for someone to help me out and fully disable my traction control when I press the button. Don't know why I've postponed this for so long but any help is appreciated! Located near down town
  14. Clause

    F/S Injen intake with SAI so cal

    Sold delete please
  15. Clause

    JB1 FS so cal

  16. Clause

    Injen FS so cal

    Sold delete please
  17. Clause

    Any Gloss Black lower front grills out there?/ thoughts on this

    Topic pretty much states it. Am looking for a gloss black lower grill, i think it would look pretty good but cant find anybody making these. EDIT: this is for GTI
  18. Clause

    034 Dogbone insert review, Version 1

    i wanted to write this review for people that read all this stuff about noise and vibrations that are a Bi-product of this install and thus considering not buying this gem of a product. I have now had the insert in for around 200 miles and couldn't be happier, my shifts from one to two are so...
  19. Clause

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    i am drooling over that exhaust with the led tails D: