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  1. Avanti

    Kessy Oil change reset....

    without resetting the trip counter?
  2. Avanti

    Cup for cup holder....

    That remains stable in situ, double insulated and non spill. I don't mind mail order <£5 any suggestions?
  3. Avanti

    Talk About Balls!

    Is that the correct video? The one on show is an I-pace vs RS3.
  4. Avanti

    Golf 7 vs 7.5

    I was at the dealership last week, had a sit in the GTI 7.5 and tbh it struck me as somewhat less premium than the 7, the door weight when opening and closing on the 7.5 was much lighter , they had an Arteon in too and that door felt heavy like the Golf 7. Also the digital dash whilst nice...
  5. Avanti

    Where are the gloat posts?

    Well today we've had a decent covering of snow, I was hoping to see a few gloat posts from those that have switched to winter tyres Me? I couldn't get to use the heated screen as the car is snowed in, I walked to the supermarket :o
  6. Avanti

    Attempted theft

    Attempted theft!
  7. Avanti

    Golf GTI 7.5 advert

    Sorry boys it's a DSG :o
  8. Avanti

    Oil change keyless vehicle

    So this time round I'm going to diy the oil change, however I wanted confirmation that the oil service reset proceedure is the same as the key version? eg enter the car hold the 0-0 button press the start button temporarily then press the 0-0 button again when prompted? This won't reset the trip...
  9. Avanti

    Facelift Golf

    I may have missed posts, anyone here in the UK, canged from a MK7 to a facelift Golf? How are you finding it? Things like pedestrian detection and the digital dash, led headlights and good?
  10. Avanti

    ESC off?

    Saw this on the news Always makes me wonder with the amount of threads regarding turning ESC off and little lights remain on, is it all worth it? Who knows if ESC was off in this, but the remains look like a Golf R.
  11. Avanti

    Latest VW Beetle compared to Mk7 GTI - questions

    I'm with your Aunt there, she likes the Beetle, so there is no case to answer especially as it is not you who is paying for it, what one person seeks from an item may not suit another (DSG Manual for example) I'm sure your Aunt has worked hard to get what she wants and if she feels the time is...
  12. Avanti


    The OP has a point though and it's in your favour, many forums block out certain words.
  13. Avanti

    Golf 7.5

    Any of you guys considering ordering one? Just spoke to a couple of dealerships, they say ordering won't start until March or later, I notice £3k off new Golfs on the website. Curious to know what options will be available .
  14. Avanti

    Looking for an Android QR App

    Manyof those permissions seem standard and from a technical point would be required for the app to work, other apps I agree require too much permission, you can disable some permissions, I have disabled the location feature.
  15. Avanti

    Looking for an Android QR App

    What's up with NEo reader?
  16. Avanti

    SWivelling headlights...

    Not a problem, it's well foggy outside tonight, I noticed the headlights swivelling in sympathy with the streering, in normal mode, thought it only occured at higher speeds, it's very noticeable in the fog.
  17. Avanti

    GTI UK

    I don't usually have a moan about the car, of late I notice a smell of petrol, I've had the car over 3 years, never really notice before, it's not consuming petrol over and above what it has been and it's garaged and not notice any leaks.
  18. Avanti

    Not my relationship woes

    Remember it is not always SHE that is right and HE is the villan, but you will learn that over time......, just be careful for yourself especially when you have extra hormones in the house.
  19. Avanti

    Automatic Emergency Braking Standard

    Don't knock it until you try it, there is an overide button on the indicator stalk to temporarily overide the system, when one does get the false positives. No one should be rear ending the driver as they should already be a safe distance behind.
  20. Avanti

    Automatic Emergency Braking Standard

    This was an idea mentioned years ago, we used to have a tv programme called tomorrows world, where the feature was demonstrated, the idea was very good for motorways , where you could have a train of cars commuting at a higher speed yet safely.