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    Acadia's Build Thread With A Boring Title Currently

    Not trying to be a Negative Nancy but don’t be surprised if the replacement lights don’t work either. The 2019’s are divas and the only sequential mirror turn signals that I’ve seen work 100% of the time are the Orsram ones. I’m running these on my 2019R:
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    SOLD: BNIB EQT Coilovers

    9k front and 5k rear
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    SOLD: BNIB EQT Coilovers

    Ohlins or something from the KW line
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    SOLD: BNIB EQT Coilovers

    Bought these and now wanting to treat myself to a more higher end set of coilovers. I’ve overspent on every other aspect of my MK7R so I might as well do it on suspension too, right? Asking $1285 for local pickup or a meet up within 3-4 hours of Chicago. Also will entertain splitting shipping...
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    Delete please - posted in wrong section.
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    Indium Gray Metallic Money Pit Mk7.5R

    So no software changes needed for the Bosch injectors? I was thinking about grabbing a set for my 2019R to replace when I pull the manifold for carbon cleaning and MPI install in a few weeks
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    SOLD: Powerflex Hybrid Dogbone Insert - BNIB

    Powerflex part# PFF85-831. Accidentally bought two. Asking $60 including shipping and PayPal fees.
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    SOLD: A2B 925cc MPI Kit

    Never installed MPI kit, comes with everything needed. Asking $675 shipped + PayPal fees.
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    Renrubicer: Considering Spray Painting Seats, Amongst Other Things...

    Just spotted Riceburner in my hood
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    WTB: AWE Mk7.5 R catback - BOUGHT

    There is one that just popped up on Marketplace
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    EQT E-Tuning Q&A

    Doing fine but impatiently waiting for those stock downpipe Vortex files 😬
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    SOLD: Euro Sport Camber Plates

    Bump for $170 shipped including PP fees
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    FS: New MK7R Eibach Pro Kit Springs

    Sorry, not looking to ship outside of the US at this time.
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    FS: New MK7R Eibach Pro Kit Springs

    Brand new, never opened. Selling because I decided to just go with coilovers instead. Asking $250 including PayPal fees and shipping to the lower 48.