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  1. AtlantaDad

    SOLD! New SuperPro Eng & Trans Mounts

    I love mine. Whoever snagged this got a helluva deal. (y)
  2. AtlantaDad

    Sandman GTI MK7 PP DCC Lighting Pkg - The Journey begins!

    He'll probably croak before then.
  3. AtlantaDad

    FS: Rear Audi jack pads 8V0 802 847

    You're a cool dude. I don't care what @-Dutch- says about you. :ROFLMAO:
  4. AtlantaDad

    Hoon's DIYish Engine Build Thread

    Porsche is 3D printing pistons. 🤷‍♂️
  5. AtlantaDad

    2019 golf 1.4

    Well you're posting in the classifieds. Maybe start here...
  6. AtlantaDad

    FS- Stock Exhaust - 2016 GTI

    Maybe try posting in the appropriate section?
  7. AtlantaDad

    EQT Tuned

    Have you asked EQT about it? What did Ed say?
  8. AtlantaDad


    I never get any interest in my unit anymore. :cry::ROFLMAO:
  9. AtlantaDad

    FS(MN): 2018 Golf R DSG 13k miles

    Uh...don't look now... :LOL:
  10. AtlantaDad

    QuickJack 5000SLX

  11. AtlantaDad

    EQT Vortex - MQB Turbo

    @Ed @ EQT You should do this again, if/when there's another round of stimulus checks. ;) I really want to take advantage of the sale and buy all the things, but timing is just crappy right now.
  12. AtlantaDad

    SOLD (NJ) Neuspeed RSE11 18x8 +45 Satin Gun Metallic with Firehawk Indy 500 235/40/18 Tires

    Amen. For these, I might've finally gotten rid of the Austins sitting in my garage. GLWS, OP. I don't think it'll take very long.
  13. AtlantaDad

    AJ2202 is a great seller. Buy with confidence. (y) Thanks again, sir...

    AJ2202 is a great seller. Buy with confidence. (y) Thanks again, sir!
  14. AtlantaDad


    You can probably get a couple hundred just selling to a local scrapper.
  15. AtlantaDad


    Zoom in? :ROFLMAO:
  16. AtlantaDad

    WTB: Factory Downpipe

    That was before everyone figured out 2 cats equals double the unobtainium.
  17. AtlantaDad

    Difference in mk7.5 screen

    You posted in the classifieds. Maybe try searching/posting here:
  18. AtlantaDad

    WTB: Stock Downpipes

    Mine is a relative steal at $1499.99