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  1. Swoope

    Timing Chain Cover Leak

    To get to the two bottom bolts in a tight area. Beers
  2. Swoope

    200TW HPDE tire selections (with one condition)

    you don't mention what mods are on you car? if you do not have camber in control you will kill a set of 100tw tires quick. i can get photos if you like.. i also went through the kumho 720 deal. wow, they were amazing till they delaminated. right now i am running the indy 500s as DD tire...
  3. Swoope

    Indy 500 Sidewall Stiffness

    as to the indy 500s. they are a great DD tire. and a really good starting to track tire.. they are 95% of what the mich pss is with much less wear.. i have about 4 20 min sessions on these as i was heat cycling some 888rs. these are 225 40 18, not beefy enough for wheel protection. i...
  4. Swoope

    Tire Recommendation?

    well, do you track your car? if not the indy 500s will do 95% of what the mich pss will do. i have tracked both. the 500s are quiet, the only think i can knock them for is the do flatspot for about 3 miles when cold.. beers
  5. Swoope

    hub centric rings

    is there a known place to get rings deep enough for the mk7 hubs? i am aware of the tirerack thread, just wondering if the correct height has become the norm now. and if so where? beers
  6. Swoope

    What other cars do you own?

    spicy! beers
  7. Swoope


    well the concept has been in my head for a few years. combined with a friend with web skills. this is what you get. i got tired of searching for tire info across all car forums. trying to bring the info to one place. check it out, share with other forums you are on. and...
  8. Swoope

    What other cars do you own?

    yep that was me. eastern shore as in MD? my family is in yorktown va. beers
  9. Swoope

    What other cars do you own?

    yea, i am swoope everywhere! and i am more kind an gentle here. dont go into super dick mode anymore.. shoot me a pm and i will give you my email. if you dont want to drive, you can do a ride along.. i have some video up of my last sebring event. just look for my posts. beers
  10. Swoope

    Which cellphone sucks less?

    win, win. beers
  11. Swoope

    What other cars do you own?

    wow, great car! you need to bring it out for some track time at sebring! i have a rx8 track car that is in time out right now.. :( beers
  12. Swoope

    Which cellphone sucks less?

    i had all that in my cart for a 9note for my s8 i regret not following through.. that was an impressive promotion. beers
  13. Swoope

    Which cellphone sucks less?

    i would go with C: but it does not have to be a samsung any good midrange or above will do. if you have seen any of my track video it was done with my samsung s8 phone. :) it is 2.5 years old and has not missed a beat. beers
  14. Swoope

    Ford RS - can not give them away?

    motor issues were fixed with a head gasket recall. i wish they were nice inside. beers
  15. Swoope

    sebring long course and more

    well i have kinda learned how to overlay videos. so here you go. now if i can just figure out how to get all the obd2 stuff sorted. sebring long course, i have only run it 3 times so i am about 85% except for a few corners that i know well from the short course. lots of stuff to hit here...
  16. Swoope

    Why are Mini Coopers so expensive?

    i have a track friend that has a 13 miniGP. it is one step up from the JCW. it is amazing on the track. i drove it for two laps, told him to turn off the nannys and the car just rocks.. but as good as it is. it is only if you buy it used. the prices are stupid. beers
  17. Swoope

    Veloster N Magazine Review

    yeah, no link. the fed was nice enough to send me a scan. thanks! beers
  18. Swoope

    Veloster N Magazine Review

    just want a link to the review, am a bit fascinated with the stinger. dont care what you do in your personal life as long it does not involve kids or pets. or me spending money on your rehab. lol excessive moderation is my creed. beers
  19. Swoope

    Veloster N Magazine Review

    link to something? beers
  20. Swoope

    17 gti usa top speed

    i owned a 15 gti PP. it had a speed limiter at 121 mph. does the 17 sport and above have a speed limiter? i really dont want to pay for a tune just to get rid of that. beers