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  1. Essjay

    What is your occupation?

    Retired now, but I was an Information Assurance Security Manager, for a well known British Telecommunications company. I can wholeheartedly recommend retirement though [emoji1]
  2. Essjay

    Keyless cars being targeted !

    Just seen this story on the BBC News. Makes me feel lucky I didn't go for it :rolleyes:
  3. Essjay

    Apple AirPlay in 2016!

    Looks like VW will be getting Apple's CarPlay in 2016
  4. Essjay

    DSG oil changed.

    After getting a call from my dealer the other day, my car went in for the DSG oil change today. When I said I wanted a courtesy car they wanted to charge me, but relented when I reminded them that my car had been in for a service a week ago, so why couldn't they have done it then? :confused...
  5. Essjay

    Noisy fuel pump?

    I'm wondering if anyone else has heard any noises coming from the vicinity of what I suspect is the fuel pump, somewhere on the offside rear, near to the filler cap. I've only noticed it recently, and it only seems to be after or during a journey, but not on start up. I can only describe it as a...
  6. Essjay

    "Fifth Gear" Discovery channel (UK) Mon 8.00pm

    I notice that on the Fifth Gear programme on the Discovery channel (UK) @ 8.00pm on Monday, those two well known presenters Tiffany Dell and Jason Plonker are doing an "old Golf vs new Golf" test. I've no idea what it will be like (probably $hite as most of their tests are), but might be worth...
  7. Essjay

    New Garmin Nuvi (sorry Rob DW58)

    Garmin have just announced a new stand alone sat nav which incorporates a rear view camera.......sorry Rob! :(I know you've only just bought yours. Handy for all those without sat nav and no rear view camera, and probably cheaper than a retro fit option...
  8. Essjay

    Rearguards-sill and bumper protectors!

    Has anyone seen, tried or got any feedback on these: Available in different colours, look like they might prove useful:)
  9. Essjay

    My SatNav

    I have a little Satnav It sits there in my car A Satnav is a driver's friend It tells you where you are I have a little Satnav I've had it all my life It's better than the normal ones My Satnav is my wife It gives me full instructions Especially how to drive "It's thirty miles an hour", it...
  10. Essjay

    Glove box slots?

    Has anyone got any idea what these slots are for?. They're in the glove box to the left of the SD card slots. I'm pretty sure the smaller slot is meant to be a coin slot, but I've no idea what the two larger ones are for. Can't find any mention in the handbook. Any ideas?
  11. Essjay

    Do your DRL's go out when indicating?

    I can't find anything mentioned in the manual about this, but I was sitting in traffic at a junction and could see the Daylight Running Lights reflected on the car in front, and as I indicated, the corresponding DRL was extinguished. I tried the indicator in the opposite direction and the same...
  12. Essjay

    Anti-dazzle mirrors on the mk7

    I have a query with regard to the "anti dazzle mirror system" on the mk7. I've turned it on in the rear view mirror and the green light is lit. If a car approaches from the rear in the dark, the interior mirror automatically dims, so that's working fine, however in the manual at the top of page...
  13. Essjay

    My new Golf mk7 1.4GT ACT DSG in Pacific Blue

    Hi Guys, My first post since getting my Golf mk7 1.4GT. Very happy bunny:D