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  1. dannyboi88

    HPFP upgrade vs LPFP + MPI

    I currently have an upgraded HPFP by (HPA Gen3) and an upgraded LPFP ( Brushless Pro Series by EQT ). If I decide to add MPI to my fuel setup, will it require me to put back my stock HPFP or can I still keep the upgraded HPFP with MPI ?
  2. dannyboi88

    Official Pure White GTI / Golf Thread

    From a GTI to S3, same fun and smiles.
  3. dannyboi88

    I miss driving the GTI

    I miss driving the GTI
  4. dannyboi88

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Got my Turbo Inlet Pipe, and drop-in filter. Couldn't take the stock sound and driving the car completely stock. lol
  5. dannyboi88

    Official Pure White GTI / Golf Thread

    After two fun years of owning the GTI it is time to part ways, a small upgrade was done over the weekend. I couldn't say no after getting a sweet deal on my trade-in. I will be selling some parts off the GTI APR Intake, COBB access Port and carbon mirror caps. I will be keeping my wheels for now.
  6. dannyboi88

    SneekyTuned waiting period?

    I believe we are all curious to see what your results are between your EQT/ Sneeky. Hopefully, we get a breakdown of your opinion lol
  7. dannyboi88

    SneekyTuned waiting period?

    Not everyone knows how to upload a tune to their COBB access port. lol
  8. dannyboi88

    SneekyTuned waiting period?

    Sounds like Sneeky & EQT have the same assistant answering their emails. Simply can't get good Customer service these days. SMH
  9. dannyboi88

    SneekyTuned waiting period?

    you won't be disappointed with the tune... lol
  10. dannyboi88

    SneekyTuned waiting period?

    Sneeky Tuned is a more aggressive tune compared to EQT. for my current commute, my Sneeky map burns too much fuel causing me to pump gas every 3 days since it burns fuel like a V8. While the EQT map is mild and more conservative and I can actually drive the car on Comfort mode. I originally got...
  11. dannyboi88

    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    After a year of working remote, I finally have to go back to the office full time and my current tune is pretty aggressive and not so conservative on fuel. So I ordered an EQT tune for my daily driving since I will be putting 500 miles a week. All I can say EQT tune is way better than the COBB...
  12. dannyboi88

    SneekyTuned waiting period?

    @BrianB1993 overall pretty curious on which tune is better. I personally have both tunes and i like them both for different reasons but that's just me.
  13. dannyboi88

    SneekyTuned waiting period?

    wow thats pretty chatty, atleast with me he communicated more than usual since I had him help me do my stage 2 set up and I bought the majority of my components from him. Then again this was back in 2020 lol.
  14. dannyboi88

    SneekyTuned waiting period?

    That's funny for me was the other way around I got my sneeky tune within 2 business days and the EQT tune a week later. You can always email sneeky and see what's the status on your tune. he's usually pretty good at responding back to emails on the same day
  15. dannyboi88

    Audi S3 wheels on 17 GTI autobahn?

    currently running on 235/35/19 Yokohama Advan Apex, and dropped on H&R Springs & the car rubs. I've rolled the fenders in the front and cut a piece on the rear and from time to time depending on the road and particular speed Bump, this thing will just rubb away...
  16. dannyboi88

    Official White Silver Metallic GTI / Golf Thread

    simple looking but quick AF!!
  17. dannyboi88

    Show us your MK7

    looks like you & I have the same wheels lol
  18. dannyboi88

    Show us your MK7

    Not everyday you see an American muscle classic Trucks Parking only
  19. dannyboi88

    Is38/E85 vs M235i, MKV Supra, Audi S3

    GOOD stuff!! looks like a hell of abuse and still running solid (y)