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  1. Trevolutionary

    It's the subtle cosmetic mods I like... POST YOURS

    Did you just replace the 12V plug with the Audi version or is it the entire housing? The amazon link shows both, but it would be nice not to have to remove any trim... Nice little addition that I'd like to make to my Alltrack.
  2. Trevolutionary


    Awesome Golfs! Do you have any pictures of the Corbeau seat/installation?
  3. Trevolutionary

    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Will the Aerofabb spoiler extension fit a 2019 Alltrack/GSW? The OEM spoiler design looks very similar across the golf range. I know they specify R/GTI fitment, but it looks possible. Thanks
  4. Trevolutionary

    THE Helix Dongle Programming Rental Thread -- Part 2

    Dongle received today, programmed my 19' Alltrack with zero issues. Incredible upgrade over the stock system. Waiting on information from Dan, I'll ship out to goe-mk7 early this week(y)
  5. Trevolutionary

    Cblock406's 2019 Silver White GTI

    Great start so far, always nice seeing high quality photography to go along with build threads. :)
  6. Trevolutionary

    Helix Soundbox VW sound upgrade HELP!

    Had a local shop install my Helix on Friday, even before programming it is a HUGE improvement over the stock system on my 19' Alltrack. Before the dongle arrives, can anyone confirm which channels I need to set from this list? If I understand correctly should I only need to program channel 98...
  7. Trevolutionary

    Show us your MK7

  8. Trevolutionary

    THE Helix Dongle Programming Rental Thread -- Part 2

    Seems like the right time to be added to the list considering a few names have been submitted lately. @snobrdrdan PM on its way. Delivery of helix scheduled for the 19th, installation expected early January.
  9. Trevolutionary

    Show us your MK7

    Picked up my new 2019 Alltrack S DSG on Monday. My 2012 GTI unfortunately got wrecked but I'm more than happy with the replacement. Glad to be apart of the community!
  10. Trevolutionary

    Blonde Girl Rocks a 620HP BMW M3 - Vivid Racing Video

    More black wheels, :thumbdown: I also thought it was funny to hear all the obnoxious revving.
  11. Trevolutionary

    dirt cheap healthy lunches for work

    I think I'll still be eating PB&J until I'm 70. I usually bring left-overs (pizza, Chinese, smoothies). Also love me some salami sammiches, but lunch meat can actually get a little pricey.
  12. Trevolutionary

    What was your last car?

    My current car: (which days are numbered :D) 2007 Mazda3 Sport 5spd
  13. Trevolutionary

    Poll: What thread title do you absolutely hate seeing the most?

    "New wheels!!!!! AG, Miro, Rota, or VMR" "Look at my painted emblems!!!" "What should my next mod be?" "(Insert tuning company here) vs. (Insert tuning company here)" "I just got the Carbonio!!!"
  14. Trevolutionary

    The Food Show Thread

    I fail at reading. It seems Alton is pretty popular.
  15. Trevolutionary

    The Food Show Thread

    :clap: I to am a huge fan of AB. The Layover is great too of course, and don't forget about this Goliath: I can't believe nobody mentioned Alton Brown yet. Good Eats was my shit back in the day.
  16. Trevolutionary

    Houston Coffee and Cars Pictures (May 2012)

    Anybody know the specs on the Golf R's wheels? They look like HRE 505's but I could be wrong. The central locking cap throws me off. I love that design!
  17. Trevolutionary

    If you had a budget of $65,000 for cars, what would you buy?

    :clap: I had a Datsun 620 pickup and I miss it to this day. But first car would be NA Miata with (insert engine here) . Second car for me would have to be restored 4x4 Tacoma or T100. 3rd: GTI + mods for all.
  18. Trevolutionary

    Hello and welcome. Introduce yourselves here

    Greetings enthusiasts! Trevor from St. Louis, use to be an avid member on the mazda3froums. I'll be moving to Chicago later this month and in June will be upgrading to a GTI! Looking for a 11' or 12' CW, 6MT, 2 door, with conv/sunroof. It seems many people are doing the smart thing and...
  19. Trevolutionary

    Adam or MCA from the Beastie boys has just died

    There is just no other sound like these guys. RIP Adam Yauch aka MCA.