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  1. 4MotionWagen

    Techtonics Tuning 4Motion GSW 3" Cat Back $500

    Sorry for the late reply. I was at work and they block communication on my devices at work for security reasons. I have another guy that wanted me to ship as well and I have not pulled that out just yet. Just giving it a little time for a local sale as it will take a few boxes and my shift at...
  2. 4MotionWagen

    Golf R ROW Multi Port Intake Manifold SOLD!

    I have an Intake Manifold for a Golf R from Europe. It has the Golf R injectors and injector harness with it. This was used for about a year on my GSW. This intake flows more than enough for the 1.8. Buy this and save some money over the aftermarket. I can't find the harness that goes from the...
  3. 4MotionWagen

    Golf R HPFP and Vacuum Generator SOLD

    I have a Golf R hpfp and the Vacuum generator that is needed to bolt the hpfp to a 1.8 liter. I ran this on my 4Motion GSW for about 14 months until I sold the car. Trying to clear some space in the garage. PM me if interested.
  4. 4MotionWagen

    Techtonics Tuning 4Motion GSW 3" Cat Back $500

    3" Resonated catback for 4motion GSW or Alltrack. The tips have some scrapes on the bottom so you may want new tips. Other than that it is in good condition just a little dirty. I don't have the car anymore so it must go. Here is a sound clip of it on my car. It was on the car for a little over...
  5. 4MotionWagen

    AWE 3" 4Motion Resonated downpipe SOLD!

    I have an AWE 3" downpipe that will fit 4Motion cars(GSW, Alltrack or Golf R). It was on my 4Motion GSW for about 14 months and was pulled off in Nov. 2019 when I got rid off the car. I need to clear my garage for future projects/use. I prefer to sell this locally if I can. It is located in...
  6. 4MotionWagen

    4motion GSW Tectonics Tuning Catback Soundclip

    Installed the Tectonics Tuning Catback for 4motion GSW's this weekend along with an AWE Catted and Resonated Downpipe. Not the greatest video but I will post it for the sound.
  7. 4MotionWagen

    White Golf R in Michigan

    I see a white Golf R on Dixie in Waterford Michigan on my way to work in the morning several times a month. It appears to be bone stock with no window tint. I was just wondering if anyone knows who this is or if they are on this board. I was messing with him/you this morning with my Platinum...
  8. 4MotionWagen

    Sportwagen Seat swap.

    I had the week of Memorial day off. During my vacation I drove down to Florida to swap seats from my Sportwagen with a GTI. I wanted the plaid and he wanted my seats. I have since swapped the console armrest, brake boot, shifter and steering wheel. I think it really looks good. I found out that...
  9. 4MotionWagen

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Last week I drove to Florida from Michigan and swapped my 2017 GSW S 4motion seats for 2017 GTI Plaid seats and yesterday I installed the GTI Console Armrest and Park Brake Boot. Just waiting for the Shifter Boot and Steering Wheel. Now to find time for the IS20 GTI Turbo Swap...
  10. 4MotionWagen

    Ordered 4Motion Sportwagen

    Ordered 2 2017 4Motion Sportwagen's. One Silk Blue DSG for the wife and one Platinum Grey Metallic 6spd Manual for me. Both TSI. Now the wait begins. We are both turning in a TDI for the buy back option.