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    SOLD aFe Pro Dry S panel filter and ECS intake pipe

    Bump! Price drop or make an offer!
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    SOLD - jb4 with Data Cable

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    SOLD - jb4 with Data Cable

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    Spulen Quick Change Short Shifter

    Hey guys, I have a Spulen adjustable short shifter for sale. It was on the car for about 7000-8000 miles. Link to original: Asking $50 obo shipped. Thanks!
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    [SOLD] IAbed RMS

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    Mk7 jb4 for sale

    Hey guys, I have a used jb4 with the data cable for sale. I bought it from a user here who said he only had it installed for 2 months before going a different route. I never got around to installing this one and have decided to put mods on hold after my wife and I welcoming our first kid...