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    Bye All

    Dear All, This maybe my last post:(:( I have had almost 2.5yrs ownership of my GTD & now is time to part. I may still be lurking,but as no longer an owner of a Golf, not much to say other than enjoy your Golfs. Maybe we can play a guess my new car, while the 14/16 week wait begins:o:o All...
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    How Does a Lambda Sensor Work in a Common Rail Diesel

    Hi Guys, Have a read of this link. Quote from Closed Loop Oxygen Sensor Control As with petrol management systems, diesel management system use oxygen sensor closed loop control. However...
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    First Issue with my Golf

    Never got chance to post last week. On my journey home from work, in stop start traffic the electronic handbrake failed to release, on around 10 occasions. It's the first time this has happened. Anyone else had this issue?. Car has been faultess in 2 yrs of ownership. Rappy:cool:
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    What Car To Replace My GTD

    Due to various threads & my replies. I thought I would open a new one, as per the title. So for those that don't know, I will be parting with my ultra reliable & remapped GTD. My friend will be purchasing this mid to late this year. Deposit already taken:o. So what to get next ....... I have...
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    Please help!!!! I Phone to play music in my car

    I have finally got an I Phone as my new work phone. Great, so I thought :(:( So I dowloaded Deezer to my I Phone inc various albums, connected the MDI cable & all it does is charge. No artwork no music. Where am I going wrong guys, please help!!!! Rappy:cool:
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    True Real World MPG Golf R

    Hi All, Looking at switching to a Golf R late next year. What is the real world mpg? Please add as much info as possible. Mine will be a 5 door dsg with stage 1 tune. I estimate mpg 25/30mpg. Anymore will be great:D:D Coming from a GTD I estimate around £100 pcm more in fuel costs. Thanks...
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    17MY Golf Updates

    Hi All, Any ideas what is planned for 17MY Golfs? New engines, colours etc.... Thanks in advance, Rappy:cool:
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Could not agree more, very nice. Very retro, I like. Rappy:D:cool::cool:
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    What options

    Hi Guys, Currently have a remapped GTD & I have an itch that needs scratching:o. My GTD is no slouch & has shown up so called faster cars. All that info is contained in my remapped GTD thread 220 bhp 500 nm of torque... But... I really want a Golf R. I will be picking my next car in the next...
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    Best Tyres For GTD/ GTI

    Hi Guys, My GTD came with Bridgestones, which I don't rate. Poor grip & very noisy. Since my remap to 220 bhp & 500nm of torque I don't feel they are up to the job. What tyres suit a performance Golf the best? I have always rated P Zero's and told the Conti's are good. Many Thanks, Rappy:cool:
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    5 miles to empty. How Many Miles left?.

    Hi Guys, For the first time, I have let my Golf run down to nearly empty. Showing 5 miles till empty. How many miles will the reserve tank last?. I have a further 26 miles to travel, should I risk it? Thanks in advance, Rappy :cool:
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    UK Golf Spec Change for 2015?

    Has VW changed the spec of UK cars?. Only today I passed a 15MY Gti with no xenons, and box standard non led drl's.. Really ruined look of the front. I love the u shape led drl's :D Rappy :cool:
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    My Mk7 GTD Remap

    Dear All, Car is getting remaped this week. Will keep you all updated, with a full blow by blow account, with weekly updates etc.... Rappy :cool:
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    Faulty Drivers Door Weather Strip

    Hi Guys, Has anyone with a mk7 Golf had this issue?. If you power down the window & take it back up, it smears the window to the point where you cant see :( Passenger's side works fine, it clears standing water on the glass and wipes the window clean. Car is going to VW next week to have the...
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    Remaps, Tuning Boxes & leaving the car stock

    I always find this debate on going & everyone has opinion. Still considering getting rid of my GTD for a R. The reason being I fancy a faster more powerful Golf. Ok, I could go the remap or tuning box route. But the thought of nearly zero traction in the first 3 gears has no advantages to me...
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    Sport vs Normal. What mode do you use & why?

    Having owned my GTD for almost a year. I think I have only ever switched to sport, a hand full of times. Well after a week of driving in sport, my findings are.... I drive the car harder & faster in sport. Just curious what mode everyone else uses & why? For me, normal for everyday. And Sport...
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    New Golf GTD R

    Is there any truth in a super quick GTD- R?. Just had a friend pay a visit today as I'm still off work after my accident. He mentioned about a GTD R 2016/ 2017. Is this simply a load of hype. Truth or fiction? Rappy :cool:
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    Thank God I was in the Golf

    So I'm writing this thread to give you all confidence in a very safe car. I was driving this morning in very poor conditions. Long story short. The car saved my life. Car does not look to good :-(. Will give a full account later. Rappy :-(
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    Thank God I was in the Golf

    So I'm writing this thread to give you all confidence in a very safe car. I was driving this morning in very poor conditions. Long story short. The car saved my life. Car does not look to good :-(. Will give a full account later. Rappy :-(
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    Your Top Ten Favorite Hot Hatch's of all Time!

    Good choice :cool: Shame it isn't 12 :o Ford Escort Series 1 RS Turbo Vauxhall Astra GTE Mk 1