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  1. Grimm

    Musicians/DJs/etc lets see your gear!

    I DJ 80's new wave parties using only vinyl that is set up at home in that picture
  2. Grimm

    Whats a gangster/drug dealer "looking" car?
  3. Grimm

    New Volvo Engine 302-HP Twin-Charged I-4

    But people said similar things when Ford Owned them. I owned a C30 loved the car I still miss it every time I get in my GTI, And its a ford all over everything has FoMoCo stamped into it. I think the new ownership and the new platform then are building will be a very nice. Volvo just needs to...
  4. Grimm

    2014 1.8T Jetta - This Spark Anyone's Interest?

    Got 9 of the 1.8 Jetta's in last week. They are a poor replacement power wise for the 2.5l
  5. Grimm

    Breaking Bad Tv Show Thread

    What I am getting at is its going to leave hanging and wanting.
  6. Grimm

    Breaking Bad Tv Show Thread

    You say that like your expecting a happy ending. Like it or not this is a tragedy