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    034 Street Density Dogbone pucks larger than OE

    I live 20 mins away and was just at their facility for their Winterfest event over the weekend, but I don't do business there for the same reasons @Goodbar. They just never seemed to give a shit in person or in email and I know lots of people who've had failed crap from them, myself included...
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    Failed Thermostat Housing/Coolant Loss Info Gathering

    Truly remarkable. My friend was actually just texting me about his 2018 Tiguan. 130k on it and just needed to be done. Started pushing coolant out through the electrical connection according to the tech who worked on it.
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    Failed Thermostat Housing/Coolant Loss Info Gathering

    Yeah, last time I had one done was when they replaced my 2017 Sport’s motor under warranty December 2020, it was still the M revision. Three more revs since then it would seem.
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    Failed Thermostat Housing/Coolant Loss Info Gathering

    There have been various revisions to the part over the MK7/7.5 product lifecycle. The latest mk7.5 part (and I’d assume mk7 as well) looks to be 06L121111P.
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    Failed Thermostat Housing/Coolant Loss Info Gathering

    Dunno why I’m a glutton for punishment but back in May ‘23 we got a 2019 Spektrum R with 20k miles on it, our 5th MK7 since 2014, and guess what I smell and see going away from the tank at 25k miles. Big sigh. At least we have the 6/72 warranty until 2025, maybe I can get two or three...
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    Nice to Know VWs are a Reliable as a Jeep :(

    Man, if ads got you down, get PiHole set up on your network. You won’t see them anymore on any device and you can get it running on just about anything. I think VW is taking a bath on EV reliability and overall parts availability. Look at the camshaft issue for example...
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    Part# for a mystery part

    lol yes. There have been times where I’ve had to look a service manager straight in the eye and say, “Explain to me why anyone on your crew would ever say XYZ to a customer when that is clearly not how cars work?” It’s astonishing how little care, honesty and pride people put into their chosen...
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    Dimming Homelink Mirror -SOLD

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    Battery Change - Car UNDRIVEABLE

    How tf are yall managing to screw this up?
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    VW oil compatibility chart

    FYI these are broken links now. Have latest in the other sticky in this sub forum
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    Official MK7 Maintenance Schedule + VAG Oil Specs ERWIN direct links

    Updated with latest October 2024 Oil Spec PDF for all VAG specs
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    Part# for a mystery part

    Glad you got it solved. It’s amazing to me the utter nonsense dealerships will spout off to people, I’ve been there too.
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    Golf MK7 - Popping Sound

    I’d say it’s unlikely and if something was fucked up with the battery or process used to replace it (pretty hard to screw up) you would likely be seeing other issues in the car.
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    Is this an impossible job?

    Yeah you need to fix it but also why not just hardwire your dash cam and avoid plugging and unplugging in that broken area or causing further wear? It’s not hard to do at all and a hardwire kit is less than 20 bucks shipped to your door. If you want to replace that portion of the center...
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    Which type Oil on Stage 2 ?

    Thanks guys.
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    Which type Oil on Stage 2 ?

    “Your Dark Violet Pearl is the 9th of the 10 made for the USA. 6 of the 10 are DSG units. It is the 152nd of the 199 Spektrums made for the USA. And it is the 486th of all 577 Spektrums made for North America (includes R and e-Golf). Originally produced on 6/7/2019 and sold by a California...
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    Which type Oil on Stage 2 ?

    @tigeo, thanks for the data in your response to my post. Guess I should reconsider my oil use. I would love to be able to have a single oil to use in our 2019 Spektrum (504 0w30 spec) and 2004 R32 (502 spec) and if possible our 1990 8v MK1 Cabriolet (that thing likes and is spec'd for 20w50...
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    Which type Oil on Stage 2 ?

    M1 FS 0w40 burned at least 1L every 5k miles in each of the four MK7s I owned before our R. I eventually smartened up and quit using it. It just didn’t agree with three 1.8 and one 2.0 engine (that engine went at 37k untuned miles). I was a huge proponent of it and posted it here on the forum...
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    My old coolant loss thread - Why's it nuked, Mods?

    Haha fair. I haven’t been so active here in recent years but have definitely seen all the spam in the evenings
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    First post, tailgate water leak on my mk 7.5 gti

    My guess is you will need to drop the headliner to really get a great look. Other thing to do is stand with a hose on it with someone inside the car with the trims removed and see if you can notice any ingress. Best of luck.