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  1. VDubVirus

    I can't believe this hasn't gone viral yet...

    seriously There's so much more here: <~~Clicky! why does this dude have so many unread text messages? kinda curious.
  2. VDubVirus

    Recent Purchases Thread v2.0

    the last thread was too long for most to load correctly. This happens from time to time on this forum. The original thread <~~~ Clicky So let's kick off a new one. Picked this up recently: it was delicious. Drank it while I was brewing a Chocolate Milk Stout.
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    Project: Keezer

    Below is a little project I have been working on the past month or so. I began homebrewing beer in December, and almost immediately decided I wanted to keg my beer, rather than bottle. The pros to kegging are less cleaning and sanitizing involved, and more consistency/control over taste and...
  4. VDubVirus

    Homebrew Thread

    Let's discuss :cool: Recipes, questions, methodology, equipment, pictures, and most importantly, drinking homebrew :drinking: Currently, I am waiting on a Vienna Lager "El Grande" and an Irish Red "Ginger Ale" to finish fermenting. Next up is a Honey Weizen and hopefully another batch of...
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    Happy 235th Birthday, Marines!

    Happy Birthday to all my fellow Marines out there. A Message from the Commandant:
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    Post up your tool!......(s)

    Post up your tool boxes/chests! I've got a fairly small box at the moment, 4 drawer craftsman, but with my birthday/xmas coming up and buying a house, I should have a new rolling chest soon. I like to throw all my "excess" stickers on my tool box so they don't end up lost/broken/on my walls...
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    Recent Purchases Thread

    not a purchase yet, but I'm super excited..... put an offer in on this today - :happyanim: then we went and got this for the wife -
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    THE panorama thread!

    These were taken with my Verizon Dare phone :wink: my buddy chad and some random chick I'm the asshole parked in the middle
  9. VDubVirus

    Googles current homepage 1/6/09

    some of you may have seen the link on that takes you to a demo of their new nexus phone. Well, I tried to check out the demo and it wouldn't work at first so I closed the page. A minute or two later some odd elctronic/rock music started playing on my computer and then stopped after...
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    I'll show you TOUGH!

  11. VDubVirus

    *Favorite VW/Audi/Euro apparel sites*

    Post up your favorites! a couple off the top of my head that I've used in the past: dubkorps <~~ Clicky Din Euro <~~ Clicky 8330 Labs <~~ Clicky Enthusiast Apparel <~~ Clicky LiquadCrack <~~ Clicky VolksClothing <~~ Clicky dublyfe <~~ Clicky BlackForestIndustries <~~ you get the point...
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    Funny notes from my professor...

    Had to share this. I had a "Major" research project due last week for my Psych class. I found out the day before I was to turn it in that my teacher drastically changed the requirements of the project to include "empirical resources." As I haven't yet completed my college english class, I was...
  13. VDubVirus

    Applebees honors Veterans I love me some applebees nachos. I love the list of ways to prove vet status. especially the second to last one. picture of you wearing uniform..... cause no one can get a hold of a uniform. only pic I got. hope it works.
  14. VDubVirus

    I'm In A Box - Lonely Island parody

    :bellyroll: amazing. <---Clicky
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    Ever notice...

    2 days ago. I named it Jaems.
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    The Mods unite... (56k go away)

    a little over a week ago I flew Call.Me.Junior out to Seattle for rollenbu's birthday. To my knowledge, we're the first GolfMkV moderators to meet in person. We had a BLAST. I picked her up at the Sea-Tac Airport south of Seattle and she hit the ground running. First, we stopped at a Mexican...
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    Happy Birthday rollenbu!

    Happy Birthday Babe! I hope today is awesome for you! :wub: The Girl and her Dub:
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    Here's to my mate, Ongie... Happy Birthday brother.... Gemma & a Guinness Man in Question: (His birthday is/was the 7th.... it's now the 8th in OZ, but I made it in before midnight here)
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    Kimmeh! We finally got a puppy!!!!

    We named him Skrilla!!!! :happyanim: :bellyroll::biggrin::bellyroll::biggrin: :bellyroll::biggrin: :bellyroll::biggrin: :bellyroll::biggrin: :bellyroll::biggrin: :bellyroll::biggrin: :bellyroll::biggrin: :bellyroll::biggrin: :bellyroll::biggrin: :bellyroll::biggrin: :bellyroll::biggrin...
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    Enter @ Own Risk

    wow. I clearly don't login here enough. lol