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  1. Dawson

    Official Pure White GTI / Golf Thread

    Just used my GTI in a marketing campaign for a property I'm selling.
  2. Dawson

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Ah ok, we don't get that as an option in Australia. The bigger screen would be nice!
  3. Dawson

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    that's cool, how'd you watch movies on the screen? Do you have the discovery media or pro?
  4. Dawson

    Down pipes

    Hey guys, Thinking about getting a dump pipe fitted to my GTI. Anyone had one installed & can say if it's made much of difference? Also any changes to noise levels or drone? I use the car for work so don't want it noisy. Cheers
  5. Dawson

    Machine Polishing windscreen

    Hey guys, I'm about to polish and seal my GTI, I've got a DA Polisher and am using Menzerna Medium pad yellow and Menzerna Polish 2500PF. Does anyone know if I can use this polish safely on the windscreen as well because it needs some light scratches removed as well or should I get a glass...
  6. Dawson

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Looks very nice mate. I've used exactly the same products on my GTI too, it's due for it again. The previous time I didn't use the Virtuabond408, I'd clayed it before 2 coats of jet seal. Did you find the virtuabond408 makes a difference? This time I think I'll clay, virtuabond, 2 coats jet...
  7. Dawson

    Detailing Wheels & run down

    I decided to do a full detail of my wheels yesterday. It's a bitch to do, but the results speak for themselves. Amazing how much crap came off with the clay bar. It did help that I have a car lift to help take all the wheels off at the same time. My process was: 1.Chemical Guys - Diablo Wheel...
  8. Dawson

    Stock Alignment Specs - GTI

    Hey guys, Does anybody have the stock alignment specs for the GTI? I've tried searching and can't find them anywhere online. Cheers Chris
  9. Dawson

    Volkswagen Golf GTI Wolfsburg Edition revealed

    Volkswagen has revealed the 374bhp Golf GTI Wolfsburg Edition at the Worthesee tuning festival. Pictures and details here Volkswagen Golf GTI Wolfsburg Edition revealed A group of 12 Volkswagen...
  10. Dawson

    Voice Command Update - Discover Media

    Hi, I've got a GTI in Australia and Volkswagen have just released a software update that activates the voice command in the car, the frustrating thing is that they are selling it as an "accessory software update" and are charging over $400 at dealers to plug in an SD card or CD with the update...