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  1. q74

    Demon Trans tries to bankrupt me, at least it's not a DSG - that would be gay

    I'm still confused what the defect is/was to cause contact?
  2. q74

    DerHase's 2019 GTI Rabbit Edition: HPDE shenanigans

    I'm curious what your PCV solution is? I have APR plate, but haven't installed it yet for exactly the reason you mention (crankcase pressurization). Cool to hear that Radium is developing a solution for our platform, but I do worry it will suffer from the same issues all the other plates do...
  3. q74

    Street Touring Hatchback (STH) discussion/setup Driver suffered heart attack in-session, which resulted in the car being uncontrolled - a freak accident. Condolences to all involved.
  4. q74

    Track TEMP DATA: IC and radiator combo data collection - ALL YOUR LOGS ARE BELONG TO US!

    Hmm, so it looks like the TCR scoop wouldn't work that well unless you either cut/install it further back (does it fit/allow being pulled back?) or go full TCR with vmount/spilt intercooler + rad
  5. q74

    Track TEMP DATA: IC and radiator combo data collection - ALL YOUR LOGS ARE BELONG TO US!

    I've been looking for vented cf hood or good hood vent, but I hate all the options I've seen thus far. I am trying to source a CF GTI TCR hood vent atm
  6. q74

    Show us your MK7

    These are awesome, marketing level, photos.
  7. q74

    Indium Gray Metallic Money Pit Mk7.5R

    Wut? How? Was this a turn signal mainly group? More to point, it must of happened at least once in past to have someone consider it, lmao. ASR?
  8. q74

    WTB - 255/35/19 (Set of Four) tires - NYC Area

    Did you mean 235/35/19 or 255/30/19?
  9. q74

    Official APEX VW VS-5RS Forged 17" & 18" Wheel Thread

    I run 18x9.5ET45 on MK7.5R... it fits, more or less, but I would not recommend larger than 9" unless your prepared to really tinker with it, and accept some rare minor rubbing under full compression
  10. q74

    Audi TT (8S) Control Arms

    I noticed this on install, and just ran them flipped (ball joint ontop of lca, rather than below, the bolts/nuts and such left same orientation), no contact (or other) issues.
  11. q74

    Sold! 2016 Golf R, Blue, DSG, Stage 3 with Built Motor + MPI

    I enjoyed following this build, it helped me with my own. GLWS
  12. q74

    SOLD Starting a slow part out. TODAY: StopTech ST40 calipers

    No rotors? What about rotor hats? (were the rotors just worn out?). This also raises the question of, what other hardware is missing or actually included? Is this just for the calipers? What about the caliper to knuckle adapter?
  13. q74

    Drilled through the bolt, still can't come out

    For anyone reading this in future; The offical (and imo easier) way to remove the bolts is to cut a slot into them with dremel and use heat gun to burn locktite off. I did it that way and it was super easy, just came out with a flat head screwdriver.
  14. q74

    200tw tires for Track use

    Just got 245/35/18 ExtremeContact Force in, very curious how they will do. I will say this, the tread is very narrow compared to other 200TW tires. Slight/minor stretch when mounted on my rims. I measured ~220mm/~8.7" tread width, ~270mm/~10.6" section width (mounted on 18x9.5")
  15. q74

    Audi TT (8S) Control Arms

    1. This info is wrong, with correct ball joints, they are actually longer overall and will increase track and camber. 2. Not sure what your refering to here? I will say that wheel fitment is extremely dependent on a large number of factors and camber gain methods (top vs bottom vs...
  16. q74

    ► Official APEX VW SM-10 Flow Formed Wheel Thread

    I'm not sure how your steering rack would make contact? Can you share some photos and/or symptoms, as well as rest of your specs (alignment? shocks/springs?), of what your experancing that leads you to suspect the wheel fitment? I run a number of wheels, (including the 17x9 Apex), most...
  17. q74

    2017 GTi PP at VIR

    I should preface it I'm not sure how my set-up and how the car feels will reflect yours as I have made different handling choices than you. I should maybe start my own build/track thread, but I mostly keep to myself 😅 . Specifically one thing I have that I feel makes a diffrence and affects...
  18. q74

    2017 GTi PP at VIR

    I run zero toe (well, almost, +0.01) front and back and find it perfect.
  19. q74

    2017 GTi PP at VIR

    Yes, it's like that from factory (steel subframe), no clue why.