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  1. tellum

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Would be interesting to see what that'd look like if the whole spoiler were black.
  2. tellum

    Virtual Cockpit (digital cluster) for MK7/7.5 Golf / GTI / R

    Sorry. $650 Canadian. This is a Canadian-spec cluster. And yea the MOST y-cable cost me over $50 CDN to my door.
  3. tellum

    Virtual Cockpit (digital cluster) for MK7/7.5 Golf / GTI / R

    VW Virtual Cockpit (Active Information Display - AID) from MK7.5 Golf R. Cluster shows 48,170km, but can be adjusted (higher, not lower). Will need to be activate/matched to your vehicle and keys by a VW dealer. P/N 5G1 920 791A. Will include MOST cable required for viewing navigation for an...
  4. tellum

    Eurodyne Updates

    Hey guys, new to MK7 tuning, but not VW tuning in general. I currently have a 2018 Alltrack w/ DSG, on ED Maestro stage 1 base file right now, but installing IS38 w/ Golf R downpipe in the coming weeks. I have the IS20 base file to get me started, but was hoping someone had an IS38 file I...
  5. tellum

    Dashcam installation

    Langlois on McArthur has always done great work for me. If you want something in the South end, Audiomotive off Albion.