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    Yes, MIB1.
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    Yes, should have mentioned it in the ad. Fully loaded with DCC, Nav and Fender Audio.
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    Does your 2016 R say VW or R in the MFD when starting?

    My 2015 R has a VW logo appearing on the MFD on start-up.
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    Clunking noise in front end...what could it be?

    Update: I threw in the stock pads and the noise went away. I can't believe that pads that don't quite meet the required tolerances can make a clunking noise that sounds like it's from the strut tower; I've never experienced that and have been doing my own brakes for close to 25 years. I guess...
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    Clunking noise in front end...what could it be?

    Zimmerman rotors and TRW pads (TRW TPC-1633). Changed it as I got tired of washing the wheels after every weekend drive. I'm certain that I installed the pads correctly but will double check this weekend.
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    Clunking noise in front end...what could it be?

    I was afraid that someone might say that as I would not be looking forward to all the labor replacing the strut mounts.
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    Clunking noise in front end...what could it be?

    My '15 R just passed the 16k mile mark so everything should still be relatively factory fresh, the car does sit on DG springs and has been on these springs for years. About 2 weeks ago I started noticing a metallic sounding clunking noise in the front when going over certain bumps in the road...
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    OBDeleven VAG Faults that I can’t clear…!!!

    Mind clicking into each to show the actual faults? That’s the only way we could potentially help.
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    Your Mk7 year/mileage

    Might be an outlier, 2015 R with 15k miles. On the other hand, my old 2007 GTI is still driving around in Switzerland currently with 160k miles driven by the same lady I sold it to back in 2012 when I lived and worked over there.
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    FEELER: fair price for 2021 GTI Autobahn DSG with mods

    This shows how crazy the used car market has gotten. There was a 2021 GTI Autobahn at my local BMW dealer in March of 2021 with 1,200 miles for $29k. 18 months later and the same car with 10x the mileage is selling for mid-high 30's according to your post. Anyway, did you get a quote from...
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    Official Oryx White Pearl Golf R Thread

    Yes, stock caps from my Cadiz wheels. They fit nice and snug, I'll try to grab the part number for you.
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    Official Oryx White Pearl Golf R Thread

    Just rolled over 14k miles so I decided to get some new wheels (Neuspeed RSE102) and tires for the car as I was still rolling on the original tires.
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    New Autox/Track/Weekend car?

    I'd get the Cayman if I were in your shoes.
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    Downpipe Battle - IE VS MAP VS COBB VS Trackslag VS HPA

    Late to the party here, I’d assume you’d have to remove the driveshaft to remove the stock downpipe. If not then I’ve just found my downpipe.
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    This might be a dumb question but is this 100% plug and play for US market cars? Will the odd frequency radio bands in the US work? Will Sirius Satellite radio work, etc.?
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    2000 Audi S4 - Imola Yellow - 6 speed - 111k miles (CO)

    Tempting but my wife would kill me if I bought yet another German toy. Beautiful S4 and good luck with the sale.
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    VW Buyback Golf R

    I'd replace the Toyota with a bigger car and keep the R personally. If you are dead set of getting rid of the R I would try to list it on Cars & Bids and explain the branded title in the description. A 2017 with a branded title sold on there for almost $30k so you should be able to get a bit...
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    SOLD 1 owner 2016 DSG Limestone Grey Golf R $28,500 Lancaster, Pa

    For pricing/market reference.