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    Switched to an S3 (with pics)

    thank you, Im really enjoying it.
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    Switched to an S3 (with pics)

    I switched from a mk7 gti to a 2017 nano grey S3 6 months ago. Lovin' it so far. Just thought I'd share some pics.
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    Golf R or Audi S3

    I chose the S3, just look at that ass.
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    Questionable build quality

    After two years and only 24,000km I'm moving on from the gti and into the 2017 S3. This car has been nothing but a joy to drive and in my opinion is still The benchmark in affordable, refined, livable performance. My Previous ride to this car was a stage 1 mk6 gti and in my opinion the mk7 is...
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    FS: Gislaved Nordfrost5 Winter tires on OEM steel wheels

    Size 205 55 R16. Amazing tires with tons of tread left. Selling because getting new car. Asking $380 for wheels and tires. PleAse see kijiji ad for pics,
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    Golf R or Audi S3

    The 2018 S3 is not getting 400hp, that would be encroaching on the new RS3 which has 400hp.
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    Golf R or Audi S3

    Just ordered a 2017 S3. Went with audi because i've had two gti's in the last 6 years and wanted something different...
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    GTI to S3, need help deciding colors.

    I went with Ara blue. Sepang is not available on the 2017s
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    GTI to S3, need help deciding colors.

    thanks guys, you've made my decision easier :)
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    GTI to S3, need help deciding colors.

    Hi all, I'm trading in my gti and order a 2017 S3. I'm having a hard time deciding between the Ara blue and Daytona grey exterior. Let me know your thoughts! thanks
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    FS: Carbon Fibre mirror caps for MK7 golf/gti

    I'm selling my car so I'm getting rid of these. I bought them off eBay for $120. I'm willing to let them go for $50 FIRM. There is are couple scuffs on them, nothing major, but you get what you pay for. PICK UP ONLY, NO TRADES. Located in London, Ontario.
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    FS:MK7 GTI VWR Springs

    FS:MK7 GTI VWR Springs with FREE carbon fibre mirror caps I am getting rid of my car and therefore I am selling my VWR springs which have been on the car since summer of 2015. I bought these from NGP racing and paid $550 CDN after US to CDN dollar conversion, shipping and duties but I am...
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    From GTI to ________. Not sure, help!!

    Hi everyone, My lease on my gti is ending and I'm looking to get into something totally different (NOT fwd, hatchback, vw) I will either lease or buy CPO. My budget is around 35k CDN + tax if i buy, or 50-55 CDN for a lease. So far here are some of my top picks. Please keep in mind these are...
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    FS:VMR 810 18 x 8.5 Gunmetal Rims - $950 for set

    SOLD! VMR 810 18 x 8.5 Gunmetal Rims - $950 for set SOLD! I am selling my car and therefore I am getting rid of my Gunmetal VMR 810 rims which I purchased 2 summers ago. These were only used during two summers. As per VMR Website: The all-new Flow-Formed V810 by VMR Wheels offers aggressive...
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    MK7 GTI roof OEM base bars and thule bike carrier

    Base Bars are SOLD, bike carrier still for sale! I'm selling my thule bike carrier (re-branded as a volvo one, bought from volvo dealership) The thule bike carrier is universal. In excellent condition. Asking $220. The car in this picture is mine to give you an idea what it looks like on the...
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    2017 Tiguan Caught undisguised; Looks sharp.

    This is a huge improvement as far as exterior design goes. I'm looking forward to trading in my wife's 2011 tiguan. This thing looks way better and will hopefully get much better gas mileage since its based on the mk7
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    Audi S5 or E92 BMW m3

    So is the 4.2 V8 from like a 2011-2012 as unreliable as the 4.2 from the previous gen? I'm not looking to get a mustang/camaro/Z06 as i like having back seats and a comfortable autobahn cruiser.
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    Audi S5 or E92 BMW m3

    What about in comparison to the audi 4.2 V8?