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    Track Pads for MK7.5 R

    I run hard in advanced and have instructed with various groups for over 20 year, and just don't have a problem. Definitely warmer weather would cause differences. Very good point. As a matter of fact I try not to run during hottest summer months and focus on Spring/fall days. I definitely...
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    Track Pads for MK7.5 R

    I do about 8-11 HPDE events each year, and I have tried a ton of different setups over the years. Tires are Falken RT660's. I find the DS3.12 front and DS2500 rear to be the best by far for me. I have not had any of the ABS issues at all on track, and absolutely love the 3.12's. So, I...
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    Wet Track Days

    This is just one man's opinion, so take it for what it is... I think it is a minority opinion, but so be it. ;>) I have been doing track events since 1998. I've done well over 100 events, taken the Road Atlanta racing school and the Keith Code Superbike school, as well as instructing for 8...
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    200tw tires for Track use

    I have used the 660's for a couple of years after trying PS4, Cup 2, RE71, and Falken 615's. (I don't swap tires so do not use R compounds) They are the best tire I've used on track. For me, they hold the heat with consistent excellent grip over the course of a day better than any of the...
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    New Autox/Track/Weekend car?

    Nice problem. I agree with the 981. The Grand Sport is an awesome track car as well, and would be quicker than the Cayman with very little added mod money, but the Cayman S is a joy to drive on track and on the road. I have to think Grand Sports would be tough to find and pretty pricey but...
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    "Official" Lap Times Thread

    Oversteer and Kep, looks like a fun day. Nice driving even with your car issues. Love the opening.. "This track rocks. My car is a piece of crap." ;>) That track looks terrific. I had heard through Armin of MassTuning that this may be the last year that Club Motorsports is available to...
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    Prep for upcoming HPDE

    I have an R and run 38 psi hot on track. At 90 degrees you will need to bleed down a couple of times during the day, so check them after each session.
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    200tw tires for Track use

    I never found it worth it to swap tires at track. I do HPDE ,not autoX, but I think the correlation would be similar. I've been tracking since 1998 with a variety of cars and tires (Falken 660's for the last couple of years) . A typical year for me is 10-12 track days. The only data that...
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    East coast track days

    I'm getting a very late start on my season this year and due to a lot of vacation travel and people visiting I will most likely cut down my normal 10-12 track days to 4-6. The only dates I have locked so far are: 8/20 Palmer with Masstuning 9/12 up in the air, Lime Rock with SCDA 10/21-22...
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    200tw tires for Track use

    My friend just ordered these for his Cayman. Delivery was just pushed out to August.
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    APR rear sway bar?

    I did a a search and could not find much. I'm kind of amazed that you've witnessed dozens of sway bars snapping. I've been tracking since 1998 and have yet to see a single sway bar snap on anyone's car, hollow or solid. It even seems to be very uncommon is pro road racing (not sure about...
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    APR rear sway bar?

    Along with Jay 745's reply, I understand your hesitance and of course believe your evidence. (Nice cars by the way!) I think it is a YMMV scenario. I've used hollow bars in the past, and have a hollow bar now on my R with tons of miles and track days. Nothing but happy. Before purchasing I...
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    APR rear sway bar?

    I would not worry at all about a rear sway bar snapping. Hollow or solid. For what it's worth, although somewhat counterintuititve, the hollow bars are pretty much equal in strength to solid. There is actual data from THIS WEBSITE that supports this. (Most others say the same.) They say...
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    COTA Lap Times / Videos / Etc

    Nice lap. Also a bucket list track for me.
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    APR DTR6054 Direct Turbocharger Replacement System

    I did read the article. Thanks. At first I was totally confused with your statement, but after your article and much research it makes total sense in most circumstances. If I'm understanding everything I've read, the most important criteria in this discussion is the DISTANCE COVERED WITH A...
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    2017 GTi PP at VIR

    That is a terrific video. We often talk about soft hands, but it's just crazy how soft he is on the wheel in the most incredible situations. I would leave finger indentations in the wheel. Great car + Huge skill + insane amount of nerve = great rally candy
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    "Official" Lap Times Thread

    Nice Nice driving. I haven't been to NHMS in years. Drove it back in my PCA days and with the California Superbike school. I really enjoyed it. With our cars it can be driven as a momentum course, and it looks like you take advantage of that. -2.2 degrees should be at least sufficient...
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    "Official" Lap Times Thread

    I'm also a big fan of the RT660's. Went through Cup2's, RE71's others but the 660's offer great wear and grip, and I found them hold up to long stints and heat better than others. I've had my fastest lap at Lime Rock on the very last lap of the day. Can't fault the price as well. My nephew...
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    "Official" Lap Times Thread

    That's a very nice couple of laps. (y) I'm with Will. Always nice to see the VW's hang with the Porsches..
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    Looking for brake upgrade options

    Glad Tigeo added actual data and DarkArro's welcome additions including the question that is asked far too infrequently...WHY do you need to upgrade? I get so tired talking about this with people looking to "upgrade" brakes without them knowing what they are trying to improve. Once you...