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  1. SuarezMBN

    Question about lighting package

    I’ll look into both of those too! I live in Arizona it barely rains here anymore so that would be an issue 😭
  2. SuarezMBN

    Question about lighting package

    Thanks for the reply, that’s gonna be a tough one because I love everything about the LP package minus the yellowish hue they put off, and the poor light output. Any links/ recommendations on specific ballast upgrades?
  3. SuarezMBN

    Question about lighting package

    Sorry I’m new to threads and don’t know how to search properly but I have a ‘16 GTI SE with LP can you upgrade to LEDs on the low beams or does it mess with the AFS/ mounting hardware?
  4. SuarezMBN

    Official Carbon Steel Metallic GTI / Golf Thread

    I didn’t see anyone reply to your question if so sorry for the double response 😂 but it’s the ECS front grille debadge. It comes with a cover cap that goes to the portion where the hood indents for the VW logo. Up to you to either clip it in/ have it painted, or have someone Bondo it/mold it to...