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  1. Talk-torque

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Lot cheaper here at €54. They may be persuaded to deliver to the US. That Ebay guy is taking the piss!
  2. Talk-torque

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Don't worry too much. I never got an "in build" text or email - just went straight to "in transit", so you may still be on target. The whole order tracker system is a bit random. Obviously not a huge priority for VW.
  3. Talk-torque

    Current Factory Order GTi Delivery Time?

    Looking to swap my GTD for a GTi. (Long story - not dieselgate related!). Loyalty £1,000 is only paid on cars delivered by 31st of March, so I am, at best, borderline. Anybody know what delivery times are, right now? Also, should I be expected to take the whole risk of that £1K, should the car...
  4. Talk-torque

    The Bruce?

    So what are you saying, that moderation by stealth, with no justification, is OK? Anyway, removing posts, or relocating threads, is quite a step away from removing a member.
  5. Talk-torque

    The Bruce?

    How would a moderator respond to this thread? Will we ever find out? Come on guys, there is an issue here!
  6. Talk-torque

    The Bruce?

    Really? If you're not able to take The Bruce's worst, you shouldn't be on the internet, never mind this forum. His tone sometimes coloured my opinion of him, but I always read what he had to say, which was usually informed and useful. 2 pages of this without any input from a moderator? Who is...
  7. Talk-torque

    Discover Satnav Made Me Laugh.

    On the way to Lincoln today and one instruction from the Discover Satnav lady made me laugh. "Take the A164 towards Hyperbaric Chamber." The hyperbaric chamber, or decompression chamber, is at one of the local hospitals, but hardly a usual destination I'd have thought. Anyone else had any...
  8. Talk-torque

    Summer Time and Discover Nav System.

    In the car setup menu, I set my time to be controlled by GPS, thinking that this would result in auto control of the clock. When I turned the car on today, I waited patiently for the time to go forward by an hour. Nothing happened, so I checked the setup and found another box to tick for DST...
  9. Talk-torque

    So, LED Indicator Bulb?

    The only exterior bulbs that are non LED on my GTD are the front indicators. Does anyone know of a replacement LED bulb that will work, without throwing up an error?
  10. Talk-torque

    Interior Lights Now All LED.

    Got a couple of W5W led bulbs from here to fit the glove box light. I had already converted the boot and vanity lights as in the other thread. This bulb was not as straightforward to fit, due to the flange around the body, which you can see in the advert picture, fouling part of the glovebox...
  11. Talk-torque

    DRL's "Scandinavian" Setting. (Rear lights on)

    Talking to my dealer about getting the DRL's set up so that the rear lights come on too, which I believe is called the Scandinavian setting, as those countries require rears on too. He knew nothing about how to do this and didn't think it was possible. My understanding is that a setting exists...
  12. Talk-torque

    Newbie with Mk7 GTD on it's way!

    Morning Guys, So I owned a Mark 4 GTTDi PD150, then a Mark 5 GTTDi 140. Missed out the Mark 6, owning an Audi TT for the last 4 1/2 years. (Anyone bawling HDC has never owned one!) Now I need 4 proper seats again, so it's back to a Golf and I've got a Deep Black GTD with Discover satnav and the...