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    To this day my Mark 7 GTI is one of the top cars that I have owned

    I would say when it comes to crossover SUV car my BMW X3 M40i has everything. The B58 engine and zf auto are pretty stout.
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    To this day my Mark 7 GTI is one of the top cars that I have owned

    However, it is sharing the top spot with my current car :p At some point, I might pickup another Mark 7 GTI and continue the story ;)
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    FS: 2015 Golf R "Launch Edition #37/500", APR Stage 2, Lapiz Blue, DSG, Houston, TX

    Can vouch for the seller! Good person and great car!
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    Why I got rid of my GTI 2019 Bullitt noises!
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    MK7 for 5.0

    Hi Everyone, First I want to say thank you to all. Its been a pleasure being a part of this fun group and even bigger pleasure learning from all of you and modifying the car way beyond what I was hoping to do. Also than you for the support of the YouTube channel. It was time to move on and I...
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    MK7.5 rear lights

    European look not the US one. $600. Will come with broken harness due to the lights being installed on the car now and if you are an electrician could be fixed easily.
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    Rev'n Step summer clearance

    Hi guys, I have decided to trade the car in for something different. Here is what is for sale. Parts are still on car but I will be quick to take them off as some forums members already have experienced that. IE intercooler: Sold Remark Catback $700 (awaiting payment) Remark Downpipe cel...
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    034 Density mounts pair

    5k miles on them $150.
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    Remark Catback

    Selling my Remark Catback. Great quality catback. $800. Also comes with Silver and Black slip on tip covers. All hardware as well.
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    Selling my Unibrace. $250
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    MST Intake

    Hi, selling my MST intake $200. Will not come with turbo inlet pipe. It has everything else!
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    Is38 e30 vs E50 CTS-V gen 2 Fast car. Trapped 124.8mph. I tried my best!
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    IS38 vs NA lq4 H/C truck and 88mm turbo lq4 camed truck Emjoy the cow strikes again
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    Is38 cobb vs 5th gen Camaro SS Enjoy
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    GoPro Hero 3+ Silver

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    Robinhood free share!

    If anyone has been interested in trading and stuff Robinhood really makes it simple and also if you use my referral code you and I will get one share for free. Lets do it! Also what are some stocks that everyone is looking at. I have been following AQMS...
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    Rev'n Step MK7 Videos!

    Hi everyone, I got this idea from Wrath and Tears member on here which I think its great. I make YouTube videos and my channel name is Rev'n Step. It has a lot of mk7 installs and reviews that the majority of new MK7 owners could find useful. To not clutter with new threads I will keep all the...
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    30k miles and counting.... Enjoy
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    The truth about the cost of my GTI modifications Enjoy!
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    2 kills and one prob loss

    First was a Speed6 must have been big turbo. I gave him the hit the first time and I was in the wrong gear. He instantly pulled half a car and then I reeled him in and stayed ahead of him by half a car. Second run I was in the right gear and pulled 2 cars but thats where he hung. I am...