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    Brand new OEM PCV BL revision

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    Brand new Koni Sport Front and Rear Strut Kit & Brand new OEM PCV

    Brand new Koni Sport adjustable Front and Rear Strut Kit 2022+ VW Mk8 GTI 2.0T TSI (EA888 Gen 4) 2022+ VW Mk8 Golf R 2.0T TSI (EA888 Gen 4) 2015-2021 VW MK7 GTI 2.0T TSI (EA888 Gen 3) 2015-2021 VW MK7 Golf R 2.0T TSI (EA888 Gen 3) 2017-2020 VW MK7 Golf Alltrack 1.8T (EA888 Gen 3) 2015-2020...
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    Aftermarket Turbo Options

    CTS JB-600? Looks just like a vortex.
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    RS3 Brushless pump issues

    It had just over half a tank when it died The pump no longer primes when opening the driver door.
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    RS3 Brushless pump issues

    About a week ago I installed an RS3 brushless pump with the A2B harness (Black controller). Everything was running fine until this morning when I was commuting to work and the car lost all power. I was able to get it to the side of the road, but the car would not start. I had it towed home, did...
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    IHI IS38, Superspeed RF03RR

    OEM IHI IS38 Rev H. Removed from my S3 at 119580KM. Turbo was in great working condition when removed. Never ran a tune on it as I went straight to stage 3 when my warranty expired in May. Comes with a diverter valve, pre-calibrated wastegate, as well as a new manifold gasket. SOLD...
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    BC Forged RZ05

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    WTB: Autotech or HPA HPFP

    Found one. Please delete.
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    JB1 with Data Cable

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    Brand New DBV2 V2 TBB Turbo

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    Brand New DBV2 V2 TBB Turbo

    Yeah, same turbo for GTI & R.
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    Brand New DBV2 V2 TBB Turbo

    Selling a brand new DBV2 v2 tbb (triple ball bearing) turbo with the latest revisions. Comes with the install kit, DBV2 TMD, and wastegate actuator. I purchased this turbo with intention of installing it over the winter, but I'm starting a new job that requires me to move halfway across the...
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    Brand New DBV2 V2 TBB Turbo

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