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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Just noticed that my roof trim is starting to crack. Looks like gloss black PPF time.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Which clutch did you get?
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    Crack in sunroof bezel/roof trim?

    I’d probably just wrap it.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Just used the same product on my 2013 Subaru with similar results. Recommend.
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    Goodbye, and thanks for the years!

    The wife had a cx-5 for 10 years and it was a great vehicle. Cheap and easy to maintain, yet nimble and fun to drive. Only got rid of it for a 23 off-road 4Runner. Enjoy the Mazda which I think is the most bang for the buck in the automotive industry.
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    Sunroof relief!

    Tint is the answer.
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    Notchy gear shifting

    I’ll add my comments as I agree with most of what’s been said in this thread. It also matters your hand placement on the shifter. Hold your jokes till the ends folks lol. Seriously though, if I place my hand squarely on the top of the shifter it shifts smoother. Try if out people and see for...
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    Check oil level

    You need to add oil. Let it warm up then shut it off for a few minutes and check the level on a flat surface. Read your owner’s manual and it will detail the procedure. Take your finger and wipe it on the inside of your tailpipe and see if it’s got any oil residue. If not, perhaps it wasn’t...
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    Simplified My Next DSG Service - (aka I was bored)

    That’s how you become famous….you hang your balls out there. Nicely done.
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    Engine Oil Grade, recommendations.

    I have a 2019 and I’ve run 5w-40 since new. The dealership changed the oil twice and I’ve changed it twice. It states in the manual that you can still run 5w-40 but MPGs will suffer. Just change it regularly with oil that meets spec and life will be good.
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    Suggestion for rear wiper blade

    Used by accident once and was pissed.
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    Need vehicle battery replacement recommendation

    So on another note I drive a 2019 gti manual and asked about swapping the battery at my somewhat local dealer just as an FYI due to the age. I was quoted around 350 for a battery and associated coding. I laughed. Got my free oil change and rolled out. I’ll swap out the same battery and call...
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    Poll: What year of MK 7–7.5 is your favorite, and why?

    It’s widely known that you can safely run 5W40 oil in any mk7. The platform supports a wide range of oil viscosity and many run variations. Not sure about the MK8 though. I believe the 7.5 SE trim provides the perfect balance for a budget sport hatch. When my sunroof starts leaking I’ll be...
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    Has anyone tinted their sunroof and had it crack?

    I had mine tinted as factory wasn’t good enough for my taste. My head no longer burns in the summer. My tint guy said nothing against tinting sunroof and he’s arguably one of the best in my area.
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    Considering selling my car…

    I’ve considered this as well but something else to consider is the interest rate. I got a zero percent interest loan which can amount to thousands saved over the life of a loan at a much higher rate. No way anyone is getting that rate now. I could get all my money back but wouldn’t be able to...
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    The definitive dashcam thread

    Interested to see your setup as I love this dash cam option.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Sunglasses holder? Please elaborate as I’d love it if it actually fit a decent pair of sunglasses. Recall? TSB?
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    Consumer Reports Used Cars to Avoid

    Oh I don’t know… about it’s been the top selling, most reliable midsize pickup for a decade or more.
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    Consumer Reports Used Cars to Avoid

    They also consistently rate the Toyota Tacoma as one of the worst vehicles which is absolutely laughable. Yeah, ignore them.