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    Your previous rides......Share it !!

    I went crazy over the past few years with cars and trucks, in retrospect i feel i was insane but hey i was young and crazy lol (i'm still a little crazy tho ;)): 2003 Silverado (What started my love affair with trucks) 2007 Dodge Charger R/T (my God i miss this car) 2008 MK5 R32 2010 Jeep...
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    Milltek Exhaust just released

    So milltek just came out with their exhaust for the MK7 GTI and i think i did a crazy thing... loved the milltek on my R32 so decided to order one for the GTI :D cant wait till it arrives :D :)
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    instagram usernames

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    GTI excessive wheel hop?

    Guys been getting loads of wheel hop while launching the GTI, anyone care to share their experience as in does it happen to all guys? the grippier the road the more it happens but below is a video showing it at its worst.. Just for reference, 220hp GTi with 18's and dunlop sport maxx, Sport...
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    rattling noise at takeoff or low rpms

    Hey guys been noticing a sound that almost seems like rattling from the engine bay in particular while taking off and at low rpms the sound is there for a few seconds and will only appear at the conditions mentioned, i thought knocking at first but the sound is different. its been a long time...
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    ABT tuning and exhaust for the mk7

    was just searching around looking for mods for the GTI and came across the ABT page: they claim their tune will net you 290hp + they've got a bunch of other parts lined up. gonna hit the local VW dealer who just happens to...
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    Intro post: My MK7 GTI

    Hey guys, been lurking arond the forum for some time now reading up on the MK7 and just 2 days ago got delivery of my GTI (in Tungsten Silver). Previously had a MK5 R32 back in 2008, but had to sell it.. 5 years later it feels great to be back in a VW and what a great improvement over the...