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    countering rubbing

    so as always, sorry if this already exists, but didn't come across what I was looking for. Just got my 18x8 +35 wheels on yesterday with a set of Hankook Ventus V12 Evo 2's and went with 235/40/18 instead of 225's. I do not rub, at all, while turning, but when hitting bumps, even small ones, I...
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    So, as always, sorry if this already exists or has been touched on, but are there any company offering any sort of sponsorship or representing any cars throughout the U.S.? Saw Tyler Aul's video of his 10.8 run, and seems like he had USP and APR supporting if not supplying him.
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    APR Mobile

    Wasn't able to find any threads or posts on this, so here it goes. I just discovered APR mobile and was appalled that I haven't seen or heard of it yet! It is what I have been waiting for, BUT is it available for MK7's yet?! It is exactly what APR needed to do for the at-home user. Any...
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    FEDERAL SS-595

    Has anyone heard or seen anything about these? A member on the MK7 page on Facebook just purchased them and I was trying to get some real life reviews and comments from others who have used them or have an experience with them. They're only $75 each, but apparently act and perform like a $200...
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    Vibrations in accelerator when turning right

    Has anyone ever experienced something like this? A few weeks ago it just started out of nowhere. When I accelerate and turn right (doesn't happen when I turn left) there is a vibration in the gas pedal. It does not get more harsh the more I turn right or the more I accelerate, but it is very...
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    WTB: Fluidampr Dampener

    Looking to buy the Fluidampr crank pulley/dampener. Please private message me or post here with additional details.
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    CTS Turbo Lightweight Crank Pulley

    How many people are running this? Any issues? I have had mine on for about 18 months and I am now noticing a squeaking and some oil leaked out onto the undercarriage directly below it. I am trying to cover all bases and see if this has happened to anyone else.
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    Squeaking in engine bay

    So about a year ago I first noticed a squeaking in the engine bay and it was not to long after installing my downpipe and lightweight crank pulley there is a squeaking in the engine bay. It seems to be coming from the left side of the engine bay and the v band clamp to the downpipe was just...
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    3 x Alzor 020 18 x 8 +35 wheels

    I have for sale 3 x Alzor 020 18 x 8 +35 wheels. They are gunmetal with polished lip. Had them on the car for a few thousand miles and cracked when I hit something in the road, unavoidable, and I am just getting rid of the other three. The VW wheel is one that I got from the VW dealership to...
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    FS: Neuspeed Boost Tap

    For sale is the Neuspeed boost tap. Had it installed for ~15,000 miles. Purchased the newer APR boost tap to replace it. $40 shipped!
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    Shout out to CTS Turbo!

    I have bought about 5 different parts from them now and performance and quality are fantastic. Last week, however, while installing the CTS DV, the top vacuum line port broke off. I contacted CTS and they sent me a new top section of the DV the next day at no cost and no shipping cost! They are...
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    Stage 2 PSI?

    I have been APR stage 2 for a while now and just installed the new version of the boost tap. I am reading and holding firmly 25 pounds of boost WOT. Is this correct? I haven't been able to find an answer on what the stage 2 PSI is.
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    Rumbling/surging at certain boost.

    Pretty much when I accelerate at about 1/2 throttle and 3/4 throttle and at about 20 lbs of boost I have like a rumbling and surging sound that shakes the front of my car and interior and is very loud. I thought it was the DV+ that I had installed. I replaced that with the cts turbo diverter...
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    Should I go from APR to Unitronic?

    I know there are plenty of posts comparing apr and unitronic and giac tunes, but I already have the APR stage 2. I have met some people recently who have unitronic tuned gti's and have talked to an owner of a company who always gets better results from unitronic than APR. is it worth the money...
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    WMI Information

    As I always start my posts, I apologize if this is already a thread, and I would love to be directed to it! Soon I will be purchasing the IE intercooler, and was reading how they already have it drilled/tapped for water meth injection, WMI. What I would love to know is exactly how WMI works, how...
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    Axleback exhaust's (sorry if already created)

    Is anyone aware of any axle back systems besides Remus? For $1000+ I could just be a quality catback. However, I have the CTS Turbo downpipe and then it's straight pipe all the way back to the stock muffler. If anyone has any other recommendations, I am all ears!
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    I know there have been a few threads for this topic, but none of them really helped or were so old that I couldn't find them, OR there are new companies producing motor/transmission mounts. I already have the BFI stage 2 torque arm insert, and want to order a new mount within the next day or...
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    APR Boost Tap

    I picked up the APR vented boost gauge a while back and followed the instructions properly on how to install the boost tap. However, I came across a post a few months ago, sorry I cannot remember it exactly, that said there were two places to install the boost tap and one was more accurate and...
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    New to Northern VA

    I have recently moved to Northern VA, Quantico area to be exact. About 40 minutes south of DC with no traffic. Anyone close or know of any VW meets/shows around the area?
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    Running out of options

    Hi everyone! I am sort of stuck and not sure what to do from here. I moved in May and have not kept up as much as I would have liked with the development of parts and anything recently released, besides the Cobb AP for the MK7 now. Anyways, I am APR Stage 2, intake, straight pipe to stock...