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    Remus responder R90 3712 for GTI

    I had this on a 2015 GTI and personally thought it was a great improvement and really liked it but sold the car. $125 and includes shipping.
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    Neuspeed power module for GTI

    Part # 64.10.15 used for about a year on a 2015 GTI. Sold the car so anybody interested please? $379 new and will take $175 and I'll pay shipping.
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    Neuspeed power module and Remus responder new price

    Unfortunately, I sold the car so have these to sell. They were on a 2015 GTI for about a year or so and maybe 7K miles. Neuspeed 64.10.15 $150.00 including shipping and Remus R90 3712 $120.00 including shipping.
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    gas/exhaust smell

    I have a 6 month GTI and I noticed a weird gas/exhaust smell after restarting when the car is warm, never when it's cold. Not sure if it's raw gas but it's definitely noticeable in the cab and disappears after driving away.