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    how do I legalize Modifications

    I want to go and get myself an exhaust for my MK7, how did you guys do it (if you did) and how hard is it to re-register your car afterwards? Please don't tell me you are swapping out the exhaust every time you do the registration... that would be tedious as hell!!! do you guys have prices for...
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    MK7 MirrorGlass for sale

    Hello, I'm in Dubai and the marketplace seems to be way too international for just a simple Mirrorglass sale. I have L,R MirrorGlass of my MK7 (with arabic writing) selling it for AED120. Both have heating elements and came right out of my GTI MK7. anyone interested? -Alex
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    VW recalls 420000 cars due to potential airbag malfunction!

    Anybody got any calls from Nabooda or Ali & Sons regarding this?
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    Plasti Dipped my front and rear VW emblem today

    Just wanted to put this up here. I Always wanted to play around with Plasti Dip a bit and finally decided to go to Ace and get it. I bought red and black. at first i wanted to make the Background Red and the Emblem Black, but I see a load of people doing black VW so I thought, i'll just invert...
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    GTI Service Contract -105,000km (Al Nabooda)

    Hello, I just got off the phone with Al Nabooda Service in Dubai, and got some info regarding a service contract up to 105,000km. The price is around AED9000 and basically covers all service intervals every 15k and one-time replacement of the brakes. I was told, that it's not very popular...
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    I just changed my wheels

    I just changed my Tires (Black Round Rubbery things around wheels/Rims) So I just changed my wheels and opted for the "Nitto Invo" (225/40/18) after a friends recommendation. They are pretty amazing.. Super smooth on the road and feel almost like im gliding. I can only recommend them.. And...
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    So I was browsing the interwebs when I saw this. Do you guys think this only affects the vehicles produced in Mexico? As far as I know the GTIs here in UAE are produced in Germany, I know mine is. What are...
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    Flag Badge GTI

    Hi, does anyone of you guys in DxB know if anyone is selling these directly IN dubai? I dont care to order these from ebay want to go to someone and pick one up in person. thanks, -Alex
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    Phone cradle

    Does anyone in this forum know of a particularly nice phone cradle for our GTI? One that fits the interior very well or one that mounts well to the windshield not too far away from the dash.
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    Reversing uphill to park, yay or nay?

    My parking is a little carport right under my house. The access to the parking is uphill (the parking itself is level though). I enjoy parking reversed as it just looks cool approaching the house and approaching the car from my house. I've noticed however that my car seems to be struggling...
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    Die-Cast GTI7

    Hi everyone, Been looking like an idiot for a Die-Cast Model of the GTI MK7 all over Dubai... all I can find is the official model from VW .. which is HUGE, a normal Golf .. and expensive. Does anyone here in the UAE know anywhere i could get my hands on a Black GTI MK7 "1:24" Model? That...
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    Faults, damages and mishaps

    Has anyone had any mishaps or faults yet with their GTIs or Rs? When I got my car it was in pretty good shape. But over time I noticed a few flaws or things that were not perfect. Just after 3000 km I noticed the right side of my rear spoiler was no longer attached to the body. And at 12,000 km...