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    Stage 1 MK7 GTi DSG 1/4 mile

    Hey guys! Went to the track tonight and did just one pass. Never ran my car at the track before. It was fun. I think i did alright for my 1st time. I was car in the right lane. 13.4 @110.4mph
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    Cobb MK7 GTi vs APR MK7 GTi Went out to run at a local spot and ran into a bolt on mk7 GTi 6 speed tuned on a COBB OTS map. We went from a 40mph roll...
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    2012 Challenger R/T Bolt On vs Mk7 stage 1 GTi

    Hey guys, Had a run in with a Challenger R/T auto, with intake/headers, exhaust and Diablo tune. He's a coworker of mine and we went from 30mph rolls, two different times. By 100mph I had 2 cars on him everytime. It was fun to beat a guy that was certain he'd beat me. LOL
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    2013 MK6 Golf R APR Stage 2+ vs MK7 Stage 1 DSG GTi

    Hey guys, Ran a buddy I met at cars and coffee on the toll roads afterwards. From a 40mph roll my car pulled away a little better against him. From the higher mph speeds, the races were very very close, with a slight edge to him on the top end. But the races were dam close, at 125mph...
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    Scat Pack Challenger vs Stg 1 GTi

    Hey guys, Went out last night with a buddy who has a Scat pack and we did 3 pulls on the highway. All from 50ish mph up tp around 110-120mph. I lost all 3 races by anywhere from 1- 1.5 car lengths. On one of the races he barely pulled on me 3/4 of a car because he didn't put his automatic car...
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    HELP! Codes popped from disconnecting battery

    Hey guys, I disconnected my battery so i could change my plugs and as soon as I did that an reconnected my battery, my car threw every code imaginable at start up. What can i do now? Did I lose my APR tune? How can i make everything go back to normal?
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    S550 5.0 Mustang vs GTi Stage 1

    Hey guys, Had friendly encounter with yet another 5.0, this one was tougher, could be because the guy could drive, who knows? We did a short pull from 50ish mph to 105mph due to traffic and not the greatest place to race. I lost by half a car or so but it was a pretty good run. Very...
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    New Supra

    I say it all the time, 335i's are the modern day "2JZ powered" cars. LOL
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    Cruises in Texas?

    Anyone do any cruise or meets for VW's in Texas?
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    New Supra

    I hope it fails and prices continue to go up on clean MK4 Stock example Supra's Turbo's. LOL
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    Stage 1 GTi vs Audi RS5/5.0 Mustang Convert

    Hey guys, More races to add to the list, I was driving back home from work and I encounter 2 young kids in an Audi RS5, the V8 450hp version for those that don't know. Beautiful white Audi that sounded wicked! First race, he took off first and I played chase and caught up to him from a...
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    2012 WRX Custom Tuned vs APR stage 1 GTi DSG

    Hey guys, Just bought my modded GTi 1 week ago and I'm racing. LOL. Raced a Full "Bolt on" 2012 Subaru WRX with a custom tune by "Junior tuning." Went from various races up to 100mph only. We were very close! Above 100mph I feel like I would've pull away. But, nonetheless it was very close.