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    2015 GTI SE 6Spd $11,000

    How firm is your price?
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    Help with fitment on 17's, 235/45 or 245/45 on 17x8.5 et 42

    No. Filler neck at the rear will be close on a 255. Front should be the same. I also ran 245/40R17 on my Golf R for a while with no issues.
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    Help with fitment on 17's, 235/45 or 245/45 on 17x8.5 et 42

    I ran 235/45R17 for a few years and it was a great compromise of handling and daily driving comfort. It wasn't until I hit a random block of concrete that had been dropped in the middle of the road, that I finally damaged a wheel. I currently run 255/40R17 (on 8.5 inch width wheels) on both my...
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    Brake noise - do I need new brakes?

    Did you look at the condition of the rotor and the thickness of the pads when you pulled the wheels off? For upgrades, I'd go with slotted rotors and slightly more aggressive pads. I put stoptech slotted rotors and their street pads on my previous 2017 GTI. Still running stock brakes on my...
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    Help after brake job

    Did you reconnect the cables to the calipers?
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    Brake replacement

    I think only the S didn't have the wear sensor. If you replace the line, make sure you bleed the brakes.
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    rear wheel wobble

    Remove the wheel and use a dial indicator on the rotor or hub to see if that is installed correctly. Are you certain the spacers are seated flush?
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    Texas DMV registering and inspections

    The only person I have known here that failed an inspection was a 2003 stock Camry that only 2 of the 8 readiness channels showed good. He drove it for 50 miles, then went straight to the inspection station and it passed. I see 1000s of modified cars that pass. Pretty sure somebody would know...
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    **SOLD** Brand New 19" Neuspeed RSe102 Gloss Black wheels

    Any plans to be in houston any time soon?
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    WTB: Dallas or Austin wheels - Houston, TX

    I have a set of Dallas wheels with tires in Houston area. They were taken off the car at 3000 miles. How much are you looking to spend?
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    Been about 2.5years since I got them, but I have RSe16 with 255/40R17 and if I remember right, the wheel/tire combo was two pounds lighter than the stock pretoria with tire.
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    TPMS question

    No. The car uses difference in wheel speed to detect if a tire is underinflated. There is no direct pressure reading.
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    ► Official APEX VW SM-10 Flow Formed Wheel Thread

    I may get another set of RSe05s at some point. I have SM-10s on one GTI and RSe16s on the other (and had RSe05s on another R and GTI I had, yes I have had 4 MK7s). Waiting to see more info on your forged wheels and may still get wheels for the Taos I bought for my daughter, can't decide on Apex...
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    Indy 500 vs P Zero... Sport summer tire help

    I ran GMax RS for about 20K miles, they were really good.