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    Test drove an '18 GTI SE DSG - very disappointed

    Now before you start your flaming wars I am pretty sure there was something wrong with this car's transmission or something else wrong with it. I was really looking forward to purchasing it today because of the attractive price that was $4,400 below sticker, and I need a car for the winter...
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    Question about LSD

    VW dealers around me (downstate NY) are offering '18 leftover GTI's for thousands $ under MSRP and I am seriously thinking about picking up a 2018 GTI SE auto for >$4K under MSRP. (in the $27K's + tax). Now the specs I looked up says the GTI SE has a Limited Slip Differential. However, at...
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    Walked out on dealer - did not purchase the R :-(

    I am so pissed. Drove 40min. to buy the car only to sit in it and find out it had 37 miles on the odo, when the sales rep told me it had 5!! I was so PO'd I didn't even drive the car, or think about driving it while I was there, just to see what it's like. I just wanted to punch the sales...
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    2018 Golf R MK7.5 - US Release

    Not really. It's just that I am not crazy about the looks, or the CTR's for that matter. I own this now which is more attractive to me. So I hope you can see my predicament.
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    Discrepancy in 2018 MSRP

    The VW website says MSPR for an 2018 Golf R Auto w/DCC is $41,735 including dest. charge. Yet all the dealers within 75 miles of me in NY and NJ have it listed for $42,055? Why the $300 difference in MSRP? Has anyone paid under MSRP yet? I contacted 2 Dealers and they said the price is...