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    Passat CC seat swap.

    I picked up a set of front seats from an 09 CC. I was able to connect a battery to the parts car, moved the seats ahead and back to remove the 4 bolts. I cut the harness from the parts car and saved the plug/pigtails. I can connect power to the passenger seat, red/green+brown and enable...
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    Clunking sound in rear of car

    i had a bilstein shock (Lower Bushing) fail, Caused the shock to slide off the bushing and rattle against the control arm. its worth checking.
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    VWR spring compatability question

    I have a 2017 fwd sportwagen 5spd. I have been eyeing the vwr springs, but they don’t make a fwd specific fit. Will the rear sit higher as my car doesn’t have all the Haldex gear in the back? What spring kit would be ideal for my car? Also, a local I selling mk7 R VWR springs, Will these...