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    Cobb accessport for sale

    Is the Cobb Accessport unlocked to work on a different car?
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    Suspension question

    A few weeks ago i did the APR State 1 tune with the stock suspension. Now i feel like i need to upgrade the suspension since i feel massive travel from it. I was thinking about picking up some VWR springs to help me stiffen the suspicion a bit. now my question is, will VWR springs be enough for...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    APR Stage 1! Car feels soo good.
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    Noise from under dash and hvac not working

    I'm wondering of this has happened to anybody before. Early in the am today i picked up my car to head to work. Its a 15 GTI with 4.2k on the odometer. I heard this weird noise that seems to be coming from underneath the dash and i decided to record it. Here is it...
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    WTB: HEX+CAN Vag cable

    PM me with asking price. Thanks!
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    My track day, MSNE @ Metlife Stadium

    ESC kicked my ass today!! check out the videos below. Next car part purchase, Vagcom cable!
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    20% tints all around
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    New to VW/question

    Sup! I just picked up a Black 2015 VW Golf GTI SE 4-door with the lighting pack and i have to say what an amazing car! Car feels better then most Jap cars i have driven. On another note, i have a question about the APR intake system. Is it worth getting it? The price is $449 + tax and $27+tax...