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    improving traction

    You realize, all 3PMS tires are M+S rated, right? The tread pattern needed for grip in the snow, slush and warm ice makes it automatically meet the M+S void to tread ratio definition. Tread compound alone does not make it a 3PMS tire. 1994 is technically relatively new in terms of tires. You...
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    improving traction

    It is apparent that you don't understand the context of All-season in USA and Canada. All-season tires in the USA/Canada context is different from Europe. All-season tires for USA/Canada are traditional M+S only and not 3PMS rated. All-season tires in Europe is a relatively new category in...
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    improving traction

    OP's Location is Austria... that sounds like Europe, where all-season tires are not common, like the USA and Canadian market tires. It probably comes from the factory with Continental ContiSportContact 5's or something (which is a competitor to the PS4S)
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    Oil for track driving

    Redline uses solid Polyol esters and Group IV basestocks with their typical high Molybdenum additive package, making it a better oil than you think. People do freak out about their silicon in the oil analysis, but it's from the anti-foaming additive they use. The Motul 300V is very similar to...
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    WTB: Wheels with Winter Tires - NorCal

    You're still going to need chains, cables, or autosocks for Caltrans R2 conditions. So... if you're sticking to 225/45r17 winter tires, probably safer to carry autosocks in the trunk and use them as required.
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    Normal for brisk plugs?

    Depends on the tune. APR wants you go 2 step colder on Stage 2 and even on Stage 1 (APR Plus uses stock plugs)
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    Oil for track driving

    Why not look at a high ester oil, like Motul 300V, Redline High Performance Oil, or Amsoil Signature series? Mobil 1 15w50 is only up to 10% Group IV PAO.... kinda weak imho.
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    Planning a road trip from LA to Jackson Hole, does the GTI fare in Winter?

    First, not too many people around LA uses winter tires, even the skiiers and snowboarders. They rather put chains (or cables) on their cars and trucks first, including the subarus. This video was taken at Big Bear Lake right before the New Year... it's satisfying seeing the first car that...
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    Smog and Aftermarket Coils / Plugs

    As long as you're not having a CEL and your emissions monitors are ready. you'll be fine for smog.
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    Splash Guards/Mud Flaps

    On OEM splash guards, dirt and grit will get behind the splash guards and will eventually scratch the paint.
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    Whats with my brakes?

    the 6 track days probably did heat up the fluid to the point where it's damaged. So, yes try flushing the brake fluid first
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    Porsche Driving Experience LA

    It's frustrating to see cars on the Carson track while you're stuck in stop-and-go traffic on the 405 during rush hour, pre-COVID
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    VAG screen wash additive for fan-jets

    Vaico CleanScreen is good stuff. Also has a peach scent to it. But for winter, I use generic blue -25F washer fluid
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    Anyone tried cheaper snow tires?

    I had the WR G3 (assymetric) on my old FWD Passat... liked them enough to go with WR G4 this time around. But before the WR G3, had cheaper performance winters such as Hankook Icebear W300 and Nexen Winguard Sport (the original one), as I wanted better dry-cold and wet-cold handling for my...
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    Sidewall Damage

    You only tore out a chunk of the rim protector, which is just extra rubber. The damage doesn't go down to the belt.
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    Let's Talk about Window Tint

    Cheap film that uses weak adhesive tends to bubble. That's what makes it cheap in price, and it makes it very attractive to people.
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    Let's Talk about Window Tint

    Rayno S9 is Nano Carbon/Ceramic. The Nano carbon is used to achieve the VLT characteristics and has its own IR rejection, adds to the ceramic IR rejection. The others? How do they achieve their darker colors? Llumar, etc doesn't really reveal what they do for the "ceramic" line and "IR" line.
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    Looking for spare tire parts. (The spare tire cover, foam tool piece, and the tools)

    If you have a Golf R, it's just a can of fix-a-flat and compressor. But, you can grab the parts from earlier years MK7 GTI's.
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    Anyone tried cheaper snow tires?

    The cheapest winter tires I ran were Firestone Winterforce and Green Diamond re-molded tires back in my MK4 days