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    Bmw 5 series intercooler on a mk7 gti?

    Someone told me that you can fairly easily mount a 5 series bmw intercooler on a mk7 gti. (Didn’t mention which model 5 series intercooler) is this possible???
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    Ultimate racing cat back 3” exhaust

    I’m planning on buying a cat back exhaust soon and I came across the ultimate racing 3” cat back, has anybody had this exhaust? If so is it droney if you are straight piped? Can’t decide if I want a resonator or not
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    What is the rev limiter for a gti?

    Stupid question and I prolly should know this since I own one lmao but anyways, what is the rev limiters on our cars? I know the redline starts at 6k but what is the actual redline? Asking because I made a rookie mistake racing a ST in Mexico was blasting my music seeing how much I gapped the ST...
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    3b18 code and CEL

    CEL popped on again and pulled a 3b18 what does this code mean? Can’t find anything about it
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    Is the IS20 a ball bearing turbo?

    I’ve looked everywhere online and can’t find if the IS20 is a shaft or ball bearing turbo I’ve always been curious about this, does anyone know?
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    3A44 code and CEL light

    Just got a 3A44 code on my car what does that mean is it my downpipe? I do have a MAP DP and light never popped up for it maybe it popped up now?
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    2016 GTI S JB4 map 6 tune w/ MAP DP E30 blend vs 2010 EVO 10

    Last night did a few races with my buddy in Mexico he has a 2010 EVO 10 w/ a MHI18k turbo and full bolt ons except intercooler and I had him on a 30 roll in 2nd and a 40 roll in 4th I’d pull almost a car length in 2nd and 4th but once I hit around 5k in 4th he pulled and passed me, I knew he’d...
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    EPC light

    So I was driving my car on some back roads to be given I was pushing it hard but have done this numerous times I always allow my engine warm up and let my oil hit AT LEAST 190 degrees before I even think about hitting boost and let my car have plenty of time to cool down before I shut it off...
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    Possible issues with oil?

    So I have a couple questions that deal with oil on the mk7 gti, I recently got a oil change roughly 1.5k miles ago and last week my oil was about 3/4 up the dipstick and I bought some oil stabilizer and just topped it off with the oil stabilizer so today I checked my oil since it’s a regular...
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    What power and torque numbers are you making?

    I just got a downpipe and a custom map 6 JB4 tune and I’m making around 315whp and 350ft lbs of torque, what are you guys making and how is your car handling it, any issues? None so far on my end
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    Is a pedal box worth it?

    Is a pedal box worth it to increase throttle response? I want to increase throttle response on my 6mt mk7 without having to flash my ecu since I’m already running a JB4 tune, would a pedal box be the way to go or is there a different method on increasing throttle response?
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    R600 intake and aftermarket charge pipes?

    Hi everybody just curious if anybody has a R600 intake and aftermarket charge pipes for their GTI I want to get aftermarket charge pipes for mine but since I have the R600 it’s much bigger than factory and takes up room will I have enough room for aftermarket charge pipes? If so what charge...
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    Must have mods for mk7 gti

    What are some must have mods for a mk7 gti?
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    Cold Air Intake flutter noise?

    I recently tuned my 2016 MK7 gti with a JB4 tuner and everything has been great so far, so since I’m running higher boost (24psi) I decided it’s time for a bigger tubro inlet pipe and an R600 intake, first I installed the CTS turbo inlet pipe and drove around with that and it’s awesome less...