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    2014 Acura MDX

    Looks just like my pops..
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    What car would you buy to compliment your GTi?

    X2 I traded in a "fun" car and a Denali for the GTI.. best of both worlds
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    Ikea Monkey

    His jacket was nice lol
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    Explain your User Name.

    Boosted because TURBO... my Vortex name from 2006 also...and 27 for the date i was born
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    What was your last car?

    My last car was a 2006 Honda Accord K24. I had BC racing coil overs, JDM inspire fogs, Full Euro R DC5 Recaro interior, And my daily beater was 2006 Yukon denali Traded in both to get my GTI But prior from latest to first 2010 Ford Ranger Sport with bolt on stuff 2001 Acura...