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    Did I damage my CV Axle?

    Although I don’t think endlinks would cause vibration necessarily. But then again the vibration could be unrelated to the noises .
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    Did I damage my CV Axle?

    If your axle cv joint started to fail 2 years ago by now It would be toast and extremely obvious. I would think the same for a wheel bearing ..Having trouble hearing anything obvious from the video. I may be totally wrong but I’ve had a few cv joints fail throughout the years and that don’t...
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    Farewell GTI ..

    Is a bit conspicuous that these things seem to happen out in BFE . At least a few people I’ve personally known . Like my buddy with a land rover … oh well , we’ve all paid ins company’s for your car and many more over and over again . Sounds fair enough to me. In all seriousness you survived and...
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    Farewell GTI ..

    Woah ,, hot hatch …. I’ve been there though . About 12yrs ago my Dodge Dakota v8 4wd ext cab (loved that truck) caught on fire doing some leisurely off roading . It was super dry and I got stuck in some deep dried up tire ruts and my drive shaft caught the grass on fire which in turn caught the...
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    Looking for cup holder ideas.

    Put a big turbo on your cup. That way your coffee is force inducted into your system before you even get out the driveway . Or just go rock star and shoot it in your vein . Or maybe put it in your windshield washer reservoir and route the hose right into the interior at mouth level. Or you could...
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    ( SOLD). Hoosier Drag Radials 245/45/17 on Axis Wheels - Make an offer

    Ok I’ll take them , I’m in Ohio so I’ll be waiting for delivery
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    Worried about alignment and suspension

    Zero out the toe fr and rr. Your negative camber is fine in the front. The rear negative camber isn’t really ideal but there’s probably nothing u can do about that besides getting adjustable rear control arms . Or raising the car up some. When you lower the car the geometry of the stock...
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    Sudden Perfume Smell

    Haven’t read all of thIs but has any one mentioned a ghost causing the smell? Does it smell of a deceased relatives perfume choice? Or maybe someone that had a hand in assembling the car at the factory . Maybe they’re attached to it from beyond ? Maybe they keeled over and that was the last car...
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    Can anyone tell me where the auxiliary water pump is located on my gti mk7 2015

    Idk about the mk7 , but on the mkv I thought not all had one, just depended on the the region the car was intended for . (Thought it was more for cold weather regions)But any way on my mkv it failed and I’m pretty sure I just unplugged the electrical pug to it and left it in place.
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    Mk7 suspension issues/noises/advice. CLICK HERE FIRST!

    Also if u changed your suspension and kept your sway bars , the geometry of the bar may have changed and the factory bars have the rubber sway bar bushing bonded to the bar which could cause noise . Aftermarket bars the bar can rotate within the bushing easily
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    Mk7 suspension issues/noises/advice. CLICK HERE FIRST!

    I’m just throwing this out the there. Not a pro but have done maybe 7 full aftermarket suspensions from mkv to mk7 (very similar). First off all weird clunks , squeaks and sounds , I’d say in my experience 90% it’s the end links . Then next is strut mount or bearings . I will say one thing to...
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    Coilover noises

    Just seen your pic and although aluminum is soft that is an excessive amount of drew breez . Just to be clear is it the spring perch collar or the collar ring directly below it that won’t budge
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    Coilover noises

    Did u try to tighten it slightly then back it off to loosen? Been following this thread cuz I seem to always read suspension related threads . Just seeing if I can help before u cut up a coil over kit that “supposedly “ should work for our cars. Not trying to undermine the route you’ve taking...
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    Coilover noises

    Op , I thought u had said you added quite a bit of preload and now you can’t get the adjuster collar to loosen? Could it be cuz now there is so much tension on the adjuster collar making it difficult to loosen? Anyway to compress the spring a bit(spring compressor) to relieve tension on the...
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    Bilstein B4's on Alltrack

    The b4 I’m sure is a decent damper , most would consider it an oem replacement . The b6 & b8 are a mono tube and would be an upgrade . Once you have a b6 or b8 actually in your hand the difference is obvious visually alone. Just the size of the shaft or piston rod or whatever it’s technically...
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    FS: CTS Turbo MK7 GTI Turbo-Back Exhaust

    Just get a 3” piece of stainless pipe
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    Continental Extreme Contact Sport 225/40R18 (Rochester, MI)

    Sent u a private message , lmk, thanks