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    cannot post, no response from admin, somebody please help!

    My comments on threads and any threads I create are not showing up. No response from JJR32. This post probably won't even show up. long time member. SOMEBODY HELP MEEEEEEE!:help::help::help:
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    NYC limo company suggestions?

    Looking for a NYC limo company with a 6 passenger stretch lincoln town car that isn't going to break the bank for 3 hours on a saturday in Manhattan. Anyone have any suggestions? I've done a lot of online searching and I'm afraid to trust any of these fly-by-night looking places. All of the...
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    Just wanted to share since I can't anywhere else...nailed 1st semester of law school

    It's not "kosher" to share grades amongst law students since we're all competing with one another for the same jobs, but I suppose those rules don't apply here! :attention_whore: I had 3 doctrinal classes (torts, civil procedure, and contracts) and a legal writing course. I got straight A's in...
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    I do this every year, and I'm not quite sure why.

    Probably because I'm an attention whore. It's my birthday! IB4Cool story bro.
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    Best Super Bowl Ads 2012

    There were a couple of good ones this year. As a car fanatic, this Abarth ad was AMAZING to see...I'm so happy this thing is coming stateside. c7q1Ry0udQY I also really liked the Seinfeld NSX commercial. WUFSHzT2xuY what were your favorites?
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    Massive fire in house across the street from me [pics]

    I'm a photojournalism minor, so I've been trained to shoot first and ask questions later when I hear sirens. I was jolted awake this morning at 7:30 AM by one hell of a commotion out front of my house. I had been up partying until 3:30 the previous night, so I was a bit hung over, but I ran...
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    The "near-death" experiences thread.

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    I used to own one of these.

    Mine was an S320 first car, handed down from dad, to brother, to me. It was the most incredible car I will ever drive in my life, and it is my life goal to eventually buy another. I was bored and feeling nostalgic so I did some research and this is the finest example of the W140...
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    Help a good cause (if you'd like to)

    Hey guys, I never do this, and understand how some consider it spam, but this is pretty legit and would go to help out my gf. Her new job with AT&T is looking for help in receiving donations for the American Heart Association. Each person in her program has to raise a certain amount of money...
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    Entourage season 8 premiere tonight

    Who's watching?
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    Airtran U program - anyone ever used it?

    It's a standby program that Airtran has for college kids (ages 18-22) so that we don't go broke while trying to fly places. I've never used it before, but since flights to the west coast are so damn expensive, I'm gonna give it a shot next week. I'm going from Boston to Baltimore, and then...
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    I turned 21 at midnight

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    Google's homepage is awesome today. Post your tunes!

    Just push the little record button and strum away! Here's mine:
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    Who wants to drive my Bicycle from NJ to Boston?

    helloooooo golfmkv. awkward request here. My bike is in NJ. I'm in Boston for the Summer. My parents don't have time to drive it up and I can't go down there and drive it up because I have no parking space here. I tried taking it on the Amtrak train and the bus and neither of them will allow...
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    What'd you give up for lent?

    ahhh it's that time of year again. Anyone on here participating? I'm giving up pornography. no more real girl thread for meeee haha
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    Porsche GT3 RS

    Walked to the dealership near my house today. Lots of nice cars up on the third floor (the Porsche floor) including some GT3's, some GT3 RS's, and an F430. No one minded that I was taking pics, but as soon as i turned my camera towards the one GT2 RS, I had 3 salesmen come over and gingerly...
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    Just shipped out my D60 kit to its new owner, making my new purchase tomorrow!

    I walked into Hunts Photo in Kenmore Square (I'm at college in Boston) with the intention of purchasing a D90 with an 18-105mm and a 35mm f/1.8g But then I got to talking with the guy, and we took a look at the D7000, as well as a used D300 he had. Naturally, I decided to come in over-budget...
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    College Party Theme thread

    Tons of the people on this board are in college, I'm surprised we haven't turned to each other for help by now haha Anyway, I need a party theme for this Saturday evening...I have 2 that I'm tossing around. 1) CEOs and Corporate Hoes - always a classic. Most of the kids attending are on the...